Mornings are the bomb

Though I have never been one to sleep in past 7 or 8, the thought of willingly getting up at 5am never sounded all that appealing to me. Here I am 9 months into an early morning personal growth routine!

I had heard a lot about the 5am club  (Robin Sharma) and was introduced to The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. (both men are worth following and learning from)

Its grown me and changed me and formed my character in ways I never thought. Yes, I have missed a morning here or there but I ALWAYS find time in my day to do my personal growth.

  1. I read a personal growth book DAILY. Even if its a page I do it.
  2. I write down what I am grateful for-it keeps my mind in a good place.
  3. I say/write affirmations. I have some pre-written, I have others recorded on my phone, and I write a few down.
  4. I exercise- generally a walk or a hike, but also yoga and extreme cardio on occasion.
  5. I take the time to breathe and meditate or pray or whatever that looks like to you.

It is so simple but a game changer .




Today is my birthday and I always take it as a day of reflection…I equate it almost to New Years. The word I have chosen for my 27th year is courage! (I am still working on MORE as my 2016 word but adding in courage)

It’s so funny that so many call me brave, but on the inside it is something I still struggle with, but this year I am going to make courage my b****. Excuse the language but for REAL!

I want to not think twice about sharing what I do with people. I want to be bold in sharing love, joy, and resources I have.

I want to be able to share with someone when what they are saying doesn’t jive with me but in a loving way.

I wont ramble on and on, but you get the point! This 27th year is going to be a GREAT year!!



Weekend recap!

Had a fun and relaxing weekend! I started off my Saturday getting in a 10,000 step walk with my friend Julie and then headed home to get things in order before celebrating my birthday at a yummy Italian restaurant with Andrew’s family.

We went to Rosa’s in Pismo! I had their yummy ravioli de Zucca (ravioli with butternut squash inside and a cream sauce) and homemade bread!) As some of you know I eat mostly gluten free and dairy free but splurge on special occasions.


For dessert, they brought me a candle in ice cream but I gave that to Andrew’s brother and ordered a limoncello flute. It’s gelato and lemon custard….So YUMMY!


Sunday I got another walk in with Julie and Rocky. She had chatted with a pet psychic on Saturday afternoon and was sharing what the psychic said. If nothing else it was hilarious. Not so sure I believe in any of that but to each his out I strongly believe 🙂

Sunday afternoon I finished packing for my trip to Vegas this week to attend a conference for my network marketing company and I planted some seeds and transplanted some spruce trees!


I ended the afternoon cleaning desk space, got samples read to ship out and everything ready to be gone.


Check out my fun new succulent plant from my secret pal and my new blue candle hold from Andrew’s aunt!

We ended yesterday with some Chines food and our favorite TV show, Madame Secretary.




I am a MUCH better giver than receiver, but there are times I still struggle to give. I remember as a kid whenever my Gramma or aunts would come visit I would be kicked out of my room since I had a queen size bed…not gonna lie I LOVED my room and my bed and my quiet time most importantly.

It was HARD. But as an adult I still sometimes have a hard time giving and sharing. When I have the money or the time it’s easy right, but that’s not when it is important to give. We gotta give until it hurts…whether it’s sacrificing your daily coffee at Starbucks in order to send that money in the form of a gift card to someone else or giving up some free time on a weekend, after working a long week to volunteer for a local charity.


Build a bigger table!


Relaxing Weekend

You know when you just need some “you “ time. When everything is a bit too wild around you and you just need to sit and think and just BE! Well that was me this past weekend. I was supposed to babysit on Saturday for a LONG time and so when my friend cancelled on Thursday I was kind of relieved.

Friday after my morning job I had scheduled to use a gift certificate I had gotten at my friends spa, Rejuvinate. When I walked in she mentioned I could do a 90 minute massage or a 60 minute massage and a pedicure so of course I chose to do the later!


I am heading to Vegas in 10 days and pretty toes are a MUST. I chose this fun pink color

Andrew and his family left Friday midday for Simi Valley to retile his uncle’s bathroom (What a guy giving up 3 days to do this for them) so I had the weekend to myself to just rest and be.

I TRIED sleeping in, I REALLY did but 7:20 was about all I could do. My body is so used to 5 am. I met up with my girlfriends Paige and Bryanna to walk the Bob Jones Trail in Avila. We walked out ate Tacos and our friend Caitlin (who has the sweetest little 1 year old) picked us up and took us to our cars and we all drove to SLO and walked to a coffee shop. What fun girl time!


The beach was super foggie!


Yummy gluten free brownie!


Chicken tacos for lunch!

I was going to take myself to the movies on Saturday night but opted out and watch Catching Fire instead. I NEED to finish watching that movie series ASAP!

Sunday was low key-Church, Starbucks, groceries and a nap. Dinner was pizza from Klondike’s with Andrew and Adri.





Loves self-care became a part of my life in grad school. It has been SO good for my overall health and refueling my introverted self.

I attended my friends open house at her salon (Rejuvenate in Santa Maria CA) and won a free 9- minute massage. I booked if for this afternoon and thank goodness I did. It has been a LONG wild week!

What are your favorite ways to rest, relax and refill?


Some for me are-




Watching a movie



Chat with friend/family

Would love to hear what yours are



Pillow Talk

dog sleeping

Sleep is a HUGE part of self-care. Over the past week I have had several discussions with people who have trouble sleeping at night. Though I  take forever (or so it seems) to fall asleep at night, I generally get between 5-7 hours a night.

Sleep is so important for health, digestion, memory, maintaining a healthy weight, and all other systems.

Make a list of what happens when you don’t get enough sleep. Maybe  your energy level is low all day, you are grumpy, or  you have a hard time staying focused on tasks.

Next, I want you to add an extra HOUR of sleep to your day. Go to bed an hour earlier, take a nap or sleep in a few mornings this week. ( I nap every day that I can)

And lastly, I want you to take time this week to make your bedroom a sanctuary. A quiet place you can come and rest. Maybe add some candles, wash your bedding or re-arrange your room. Buy a new pillow or new sheets if you have too 😛

Have a GREAT rest of your week!!!


More…a check in

MORE is my word for 2016! I wanted to check in with myself and see how it’s going after 3 months.

I have gotten MORE active and made MORE friends. I have joined a small group. created a networking group, and sought out ways to get MORE active throughout the week.

Sometimes MORE is less. By this I mean less time on my phone gives me more time to experience life. Less time watching TV means more time cleaning, cooking, and building relationships.

I have been eating in a MORE healthy way. It’s not perfect by any means BUT it’s better.


Some big lessons I have learned so far from MORE is that
1) your self-care is extremely important- there is ALWAYS room for more of this!
2) You don’t need to over-explain yourself on why you are saying NO…Just saying NO is ENOUGH! This is a case so less is more
3) Doing things out of guilt and obligation is not doing things out of Love
If you chose a word how is that working for you!?

Vicious Cycle


You all know how it goes. That cycle of stinking thinking. That thing that happened to you years ago that made you think a negative thing about yourself or another person or even a group of people and now, YEARS later you still think the same thoughts about it.

For example. Your dad left your mom before you even knew about him. Mom said he was worthless and all the men in her life were jerks who eventually broke her heart and left. You carried that thought and experience with you of “All men are jerks!”

I know this is a girly example, but men I what if you grew up with a dad who never told you how proud he was of you. Or the things you did were never good enough, those things are damaging and can cause you to struggle in relationships, jobs etc. These stories we have told ourselves as a result of events can serve us or tear us down. We have to learn to break that cycle and insert new ideas and patterns in order to get new results.

It takes a lot of self-examination, painful emotions even, and creating new thought patterns.

If this post touched you and you want to begin a journey of healing your thought patterns and getting some freedom, I would love to go deeper with you. You can pop over to my website and set up a free consultation with me.