You are indeed a badass!

If you follow me on Facebook ( You know that my recent personal growth read is You are a Badass by Jen Sincero! It is AWESOME!


I wanted to share a few take away’s with you all! The first one being something she says throughout the book- Love yourself! Seriously a lot comes when we do this. We begin to see ourselves how we should. We begin to respect ourselves and demand a certain level of respect from others.

Second is the power of the mind. What we think about we bring about! I have been experimenting with my boyfriend over the past few days (dont tell him!) He is always saying “I always get red lights!” So every time I went anywhere with him I started saying “I love green lights and green lights love me!” What do you know he started saying it and green lights started appearing or at least happening sooner. He took it upon himself to start saying “I love parking spaces and parking spaces love me!” It so totally worked for us at Trader Joe’s today!

So my point in all of this…what limiting belief are you letting hold you back. It can be as silly as thinking and attracting that one cart in the grocery store with the wonky wheels or as big as something like “I am not successful at anything I do” Those thoughts will get you the bad cart every time and they wont get you anywhere in life.


The third and final out take is that growth is not for the faint of heart, but oh man is it worth it. The pain of what if’s are so much bigger than the jumps into growth and personal development. So what if you get a few scratches on the way down you learned what to do differently next time!

Run to your computer to order this book or better yet to the nearest book store! It is a MUST read!



Being nice doesnt mean you need to be everyone’s rug

This is a lesson so many of us have to learn the hard way. It is such an esteemed thing to be considered kind, sweet, caring, and nice. You hear people say about people “They are so nice” “She is is sweet” but with these labels comes the price of being taken advantage of it seems. download

In my personal experience it came up a lot in my nannying jobs. I was always on time if not early but the parents would come home late. 5 minutes here or 15 minutes there…It all adds up. After this started happening with each family I nannyed for I started looking at the common denominator…me..

When they were late instead of saying how it inconvenienced me I would say “No worries” while inside I was fuming. No wonder they were late more often than not I was telling them it was ok.

Take time to think back through your life, jobs, relationships. What areas are you a rug and how can you change it? People dont always know that they are using you but the longer you allow it the harder it becomes to walk out of the situation. Sit down with someone and tell them how important being on time is to you or that you cant give them a ride home daily or give them money for bills or watch their kids for free for hours on end. The list goes on and on.

Its ok to say “NO” or “hell no” or “I wont do that any longer”


Balance can be hard!

For those of you who work LONG hours, or have a full time job and kids, or multiple jobs, or family obligations etc, its hard to find time to be social and hang loss. I don’t mean vegging out on your couch watching foot ball or other home bound activities. )That’s a whole other blog post on self-care and quiet time.)

I mean taking a night a week or a night a month and going out to be social. Join a group from and meet new friends. Talk your friends into going on a new adventure or set up a fun night out.

During this time, turn off your phone or any other device that relates to work. I have seen all to often work related notes or thoughts side track fun time and conversations. Don’t plan this social time during a period when you would be on call etc.

Leave work at work. Do not be afraid to tell whomever you are with that work is not a topic you wish to discuss during your time together.

Kick up your heels and enjoy!

Regret is a B****

We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment. –Jim Rohn

There are not a lot of things I regret in life but there are a few. That guy I dated in college who grossed me out and I just wanted to be liked by someone….it ended badly days before Valentines day and a nasty text telling me to mail him his mom’s vase…

Another was staying in a dead end job that was killing my soul and not living life for three years as a result. Can you say hello to free nights and weekends and having holidays off!!

There are very few other things a really regret as I try and see the silver lining and the lesson in each of my choices.

This week I am faced again with a big decision to JUMP and work for myself FULL time. Yes it is scary but I don’t want to live in regret any longer than I have to.

Becoming a life coach has been a HUGE but oh so rewarding leap of faith.

I am learning that regret is not worth the lessons, growth, and FUN that taking leaps of faith can give you!!

GO for it! Take that job you wanted or quit that job you hate! Dump that guy or ask that girl out for coffee. Write down that business plan or write that book! Don’t let regret be a bitch in your life.


Saying good-bye to clutter


Clutter can be in any part of our lives. Our car, our home, our friendships, our business, but the most common is our home or living space. I have observed though, that clutter in a physical space is only a mask for what is going on internally.

Stress, depression, loss, loneliness, a break up, abuse and many more things can lead to clutter. But as I always say -how you do one thing is how you do everything! That is GREAT news though. If you start, whether you begin by working on the internal or external clutter, it will pour over and begin to change in other areas!

Love this clutter mantra! It has use not just for material things but relationships or thoughts that clutter our thinking even 🙂


3 (more) things to give up in order to move forward

  1. Running from problems that should be fixed. There is that saying “Everywhere I go there I am.” You will find you and your problems no matter where you run unless you face what ever is going on. Communicate, appreciate, forgive and love!
  2. Making excuses instead of decisions. Most of the time a failure is simply a long time pattern of excuses rather than decisions. Make a pros and cons list if you have to and then decide and move on.
  3. Choosing to  do nothing. Every day we get a chance to choose to live! We dont know when we will have to wish this world, and all that is in it goodbye so make the best of what you have a do SOMETHING!cropped-greatness1.jpg

Meditation isnt just for guru’s

download (1)

Meditation can get a reputation for being just for those that are zen or a little out there…wrong…we all should be doing it. But there I go “shoulding” on myself. We all MUST meditate. Must is a very strong word but after reading studies about meditation and the effects on the human mind, body, and soul I am sold.

Its helped with high blood pressure, certain psychological disorders, and pain among other things!


Try it. Sit in your favorite chair or position. I have a friend who likes to lay on the floor and meditate so do what ever works for you. Set a timer for the time you want to spend in your quiet space. Close your eyes and breath. If you need a mantra to keep yourself centered or to say when your brain starts to wonder set one. It can be as simple as “thank you” Or even “Om”

If you want a guided meditation there are tons out there. I am really enjoying the one Oprah and Deepak are doing currently.

Find what is a good fit for you and do it consistently. You will find yourself feeling more peace, openness, peace, and love.




The Power of Affirmations

The power of positive affirmations is amazing. Like take your life from bla to FAB amazing!

I wasnt introduced to affirmations until about 2 years ago but I have 3 pages of them now that I read OUT LOUD every morning and ya know what they work.

Money is coming more easily and frequently to me. I went from having a few friends here in CA to a whole boat load of peeps that I hang out with and have adventures with. Im loosing weight and learning to like really love myself. I am learning to see the positive in EVERY situation.

There are days I still panic about money but then I pull out my abundance affirmations and what do you know after reading them I am back on track to making millions and living in a world where there is more than enough for everyone.

I just LOVE this video! Give it a watch and write some affirmations of your own.


Self Grace During the Holidays

As an introvert I don’t get my energy from people, I get it in my quiet recharge time. I do not hate people, that is not at all what I am saying, just at the end of the day I need to recharge and unwind by myself.

The holiday season is full of parties, and family, and friends and fanfare and celebration. Through my 26 years of life I am FINALLY figuring out what I need to do to be fully present at these events and how to go prepared and ready to celebrate.


  1. Don’t pack a bunch of parties or events into one day.
  2. Take my own car if I am going with someone else in case I need to leave early
  3. If the party is at your house make it simple-pot luck or ask people to bring something or help clean
  4. Ask the hostess how you can be helpful if you know you are tempted to sit in a corner or only chat with one person.
  5. Leave when you are feeling like you have had enough. Be kind to yourself 🙂
  6. Have fun! Enjoy yourself and everyone around you!

Ever have “I dont want to do it” days?

Sunday started out great. I got up at 6:30 and did my Miracle Morning. ( I am currently reading You are a Badass…it is SO good!)

I then ate breakfast and made 11 gift bags out of old magazines for a friend’s business. In the mean time my hiking buddy cancelled and it started raining…so I went back to bed until NOON!! So unlike me!

Finally At one I decided it was time I get productive- I put on my pink yoga pants and did a YouTube yoga video


Next I made some tea (one of my favorite hot drinks) and sat down to write out my goals for the week. This is a MUST for me and having a productive week!


I am now ready for my week and SO glad I pushed through my feelings of “I dont want to do it”