Talking Yourself Off the Ledge

I dont mean in a morbid kind of way, but have you ever felt like a lot is going on and you are spinning into a bad mood or negative land? Like one more toe and your day is ruined? You can stop that train in its tracks, I promise!

That was me today. I accidentally sent a large sum of money via Paypal for a service that didnt need to be paid for yet. I was in a coffee shop with a friend and had a moment of “oh crap!” Thank goodness I had to be quiet and still because I learned that I CAN do that no matter where I am. Than I was like wait a minute. BREATH and find your center were my immediate thoughts and actions. I breathed and made a few phone calls and ta-da it was fixed and ok. I was STILL feeling a little flustered but dove into some work and got my mind off of it.

So next time you find yourself in a tough situation or having just made a big or small mistake breath and think through the next indicated steps and then walk forward slowly.



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