Is Your Soul Warn Out?

When our bodies are worn out we know. We are tired, energy levels are low, we are cranky. Generally sleep, rest, and relation are helpful but do you know what it is like when your soul is worn out and tired?

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“The soul was not made to run on empty. But the soul doesn’t come with a gauge. The indicators of soul-fatigue are more subtle: • Things seem to bother you more than they should. Your spouse’s gum-chewing suddenly reveals to you a massive character flaw. • It’s hard to make up your mind about even a simple decision. • Impulses to eat or drink or spend or crave are harder to resist than they otherwise would be. • You are more likely to favor short-term gains in ways that leave you with high long-term costs. Israel ended up worshiping a golden calf simply because they grew tired of having to wait on Moses and God. • Your judgment is suffering. • You have less courage. “Fatigue makes cowards of us all” is a quote so ubiquitious that it has been attributed to General Patton and Vince Lombardi and Shakespeare…” Soul Keeping

The one that JUMPED out at me was You are more likely to favor short-term gains in ways that leave you with high long-term costs. Is it just me or have you ever felt this way. You just want to get a task done and over with or you start being ok with the pleasure and reward you get from small or simple things.

I want to challenge all of my readers to assess if they are tired and worn out and worn down to figure out why? Where is it coming from. Is it your body or your innermost soul. How can you fix it and start the rejuvenation process?

I didnt mean for this to be too deep but as a life coach health of body, mind, and soul are very important to me and most problems people face stem from the innermost part, the soul.


If you want to start working through some stuff and get on the right track I would love to help you. Lets set up a free consultation and working on finding some peace, joy, and vision.


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