What I Believe is What Makes Me Who I am

As part of my personal development I have been doing Oprah and Deepak’s 21 day meditation challenge. One of the first few meditations encompasses limiting beliefs. This goes back to the tapes that run in our heads. Some limiting beliefs may be “I am not enough” “I dont deserve good things” “I cant do that” “Others are better than me.” Deepak very wisely said “what I believe makes me who I am” So if those are the words you are telling yourself, sadly those are the things that you are. (If you want to jump in on the meditation join here its free https://chopracentermeditation.com/ )

How can I change my limiting beliefs?.

1 Write the limiting belief down. Play detective and follow your thoughts and emotions to discover the limiting beliefs that hold you back. Put them on paper and stare them in the face! You might note how strong each belief is and what emotions they elicit in you.

2. Acknowledge that these are beliefs, not truths! This is often the hardest step. “But, but, my limitations are real!” Here’s the place where choice comes in. Which are you more interested in: defending your limitations to the death or achieving your goals and desires? As author Evelyn Waugh wrote, “When we argue for our limitations, we get to keep them.” You choose.

3.Try on a different belief. Use your imagination and try on a belief that is aligned with what you want. It might be something like, “My financial difficulties in the past have taught me so much that I’m fully prepared to handle them now!” Or, “Now that I’ve been in an unhealthy relationship I’ve learned what to look for in a happy, loving partner!”

4. Take different action. This might feel scary, but act as if your new belief is true.In other words, if you really are the kind of man women adore, how would you act at parties? Who might you ask out? If you really are capable and have learned a tremendous amount from past financial difficulties, what steps would you take?  If you really are the kind of person who eats healthy food, what will you put in your grocery cart?


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