Being Efficient with Your Time

I have a lot of clients come to me with an empty calendar simply because they don’t know where to put everything. Whether you are using a daily planner or your phone or computer as your calendar it doesn’t matter just use something!

As my favorite saying goes “How do you eat an elephant?” One bite at a time….so lets break it down….

Write down everything that needs to be scheduled first.

What do you want to schedule first?

Is it health, family time, business time, social time?


Then start going down your list and transferring it to your schedule. The most important things first. Have a time each day or certain days a week for certain things

It doesn’t stop there though, you need to stick with putting things on your calendar as they come your way. Don’t put it off until later or tell yourself you will remember!

Hope this has been helpful. If you need more step by step or help actually doing it I am your gal! Ill hold you accountable and get you all set up and organized 🙂


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