Self Grace During the Holidays

As an introvert I don’t get my energy from people, I get it in my quiet recharge time. I do not hate people, that is not at all what I am saying, just at the end of the day I need to recharge and unwind by myself.

The holiday season is full of parties, and family, and friends and fanfare and celebration. Through my 26 years of life I am FINALLY figuring out what I need to do to be fully present at these events and how to go prepared and ready to celebrate.


  1. Don’t pack a bunch of parties or events into one day.
  2. Take my own car if I am going with someone else in case I need to leave early
  3. If the party is at your house make it simple-pot luck or ask people to bring something or help clean
  4. Ask the hostess how you can be helpful if you know you are tempted to sit in a corner or only chat with one person.
  5. Leave when you are feeling like you have had enough. Be kind to yourself 🙂
  6. Have fun! Enjoy yourself and everyone around you!

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