Balance can be hard!

For those of you who work LONG hours, or have a full time job and kids, or multiple jobs, or family obligations etc, its hard to find time to be social and hang loss. I don’t mean vegging out on your couch watching foot ball or other home bound activities. )That’s a whole other blog post on self-care and quiet time.)

I mean taking a night a week or a night a month and going out to be social. Join a group from and meet new friends. Talk your friends into going on a new adventure or set up a fun night out.

During this time, turn off your phone or any other device that relates to work. I have seen all to often work related notes or thoughts side track fun time and conversations. Don’t plan this social time during a period when you would be on call etc.

Leave work at work. Do not be afraid to tell whomever you are with that work is not a topic you wish to discuss during your time together.

Kick up your heels and enjoy!


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