Being nice doesnt mean you need to be everyone’s rug

This is a lesson so many of us have to learn the hard way. It is such an esteemed thing to be considered kind, sweet, caring, and nice. You hear people say about people “They are so nice” “She is is sweet” but with these labels comes the price of being taken advantage of it seems. download

In my personal experience it came up a lot in my nannying jobs. I was always on time if not early but the parents would come home late. 5 minutes here or 15 minutes there…It all adds up. After this started happening with each family I nannyed for I started looking at the common denominator…me..

When they were late instead of saying how it inconvenienced me I would say “No worries” while inside I was fuming. No wonder they were late more often than not I was telling them it was ok.

Take time to think back through your life, jobs, relationships. What areas are you a rug and how can you change it? People dont always know that they are using you but the longer you allow it the harder it becomes to walk out of the situation. Sit down with someone and tell them how important being on time is to you or that you cant give them a ride home daily or give them money for bills or watch their kids for free for hours on end. The list goes on and on.

Its ok to say “NO” or “hell no” or “I wont do that any longer”



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