Testimonies and Freebies

As a coach my success comes from clients successes! It is SUCH a good feeling. I just finished a 6 week program with Maria D. and here is what she had to say!

Using Dominque’s services as a life coach were very helpful these last 6 weeks. I had an accountability partner that was there when I needed, guiding me through ways to reach my goals. I noticed an increase in self control and discipline throughout the program, setting new habits in place to become a better version of myself. Thank you Coach for your time and caring heart. I appreciate your guidance and support.

As the new year is only days away I am offering anyone and everyone FREE goal sheets. Beginning Friday these will only be avaiable to my clients so get yours NOW!


They include a weekly goal sheet, a generla goal sheet, and a 6 month goal sheet! Email dominiquerondeau311@gmail.com for your copy today!

I am so excited for the new year and all that it has to offer!

-Dominique Rondeau MA, Life Coach


Out with the old!

I am a firm believer in always growing and changing for the good and NOT waiting for a new week, month, or year, but let’s face it this is a good time to be gone with the old habits and things in our lives that slow us down.

For some it’s relationships, jobs, habits, food, or ideas.


Whatever it is, write it down and write down what you are replacing it with. If you swear too much maybe write in a fun substitution word for whenever profanity decides it needs to leave your mouth. If its a dead end job you are stuck in write out your dream job and start working towards it ASAP!

Heres to a fresh start and getting ride of the old, the bad, and the ugly and saying hello to the new, fresh, and growing!


Reasons to work from home!

Working from home is great! I get to do a trial run these next few weeks and do it full time, so fun.

Yesterday morning I met up with my friend Paige to co-work from Bello Mundo in San Luis. It has an open and airy feel that inspires creativity and fun, even.


Making my own schedule and sticking to it is so freeing! I was worried I would lack motivation and yes I am only three days into the “new” schedule, but I can happily say I have gotten each of the day’s tasks done by the end of the day!

I have the freedom to wear yoga pants all day. I don’t normally do this except on Sunday afternoons because I feel like what we wear reflects how we feel, but Monday I spent the day sewing and cleaning so it was perfect for my new purple yoga pants.


I love that I can start as early as I want! I have been getting up at 5 am and getting my Miracle Morning and workout in before 7! It feels so freeing. Normally I would be arriving at my nannying job at 7 am and then not able to work my business unitl the afternoon and evening. I am the freshest in the morning so it has been great!

I’m saving gas! It’s awesome! I’m still driving, but not the hour commute daily to my morning job ROCKS! (wow a lot of exclamation marks but seriously it is great)

Its motivating and my goal is by June 1 to be working from home full time!



I am enough

The subconscious is the part of your mind that is not readily accessible by your conscious mind; it functions below your normal level of waking consciousness. Envision your subconscious as a huge filing cabinet that stores files such as: every wonderful and traumatic experience you have ever had, habits, skills, and every visual image you have ever seen.  In contrast, the conscious part of your mind is responsible for logic, generating thoughts, being proactive and deciding which path to take. In your conscious mind, all of these functions are 100%  under your control, unlike your subconscious mind.  The conscious mind makes decisions and gives orders to the subconscious mind.  Therefore, the subconscious will carry out the directive based on what is programmed, not necessarily what you are requesting.  Yes…I know, it sounds a bit scary….keep reading.

Your subconscious mind carries out the instructions of your conscious mind without questioning. Within your subconscious lies all your beliefs (including limited beliefs) and habits (what you do every day). Our beliefs and habits control our everyday life. Were you aware that 88% of your mind is comprised of the subconscious, which you do not actively control? On a daily basis you only use 12% of your conscious mind. (YIKES) Therefore, your subconscious mind is at the helm; it’s running the ship–you.

I know so many people struggle with feelings of not being enough or not being worthy. Where the heck do those type of thoughts come from. Do you see a baby learning to walk give up and give into crawling for life because they aren’t good enough….um heck no. So it must be some time after babyhood but before adulthood that these thoughts and ideations are instilled into us.


I do not want to make this a touchy-feely post. I want to make this an oh that’s where that comes from post.

We begin to lose faith in ourselves and our abilities when we are told enough times that what we are doing isn’t right. As a kid, I worked with my dad who had a roofing business. It was great when I did the right thing and helped in the right way, but when I messed up, man it was humiliating. I started losing trust in my ability to help and be good at roofing. I would ask my dad before I did any little task and he would get frustrated at that. It was a vicious cycle.

Its amazing what we start believing and holding as truths. After years of feeling not worthy, or enough it can be hard to change that wiring in our brain to think differently but it can absolutly be done.

Identifying your limiting beliefs and where and how these stories got in our heads is essential. After we know the how and then when we can begin to make a change. Did you have a parent, teacher, friend, sibling tell you something that STILL holds you back?

You can take something away without putting something else in to take its place. Affirmations such as “I am enough.” “I am worthy.” “Even if I do make misteaks, I am still good enough.” Positive self talk, meditaiton, and visualization will change the negitive pathways.

“You are like a captain navigating a ship. He must give the right orders, and likewise, you must give the right orders (thoughts and images) to your subconscious mind which controls and governs all your experiences.” ~ Dr. Joseph Murphy






A time for resting!

Last week I was reading a kids book (to a kid of course) and the book was about a bear going into hibernation. It spoke to me. Not that I want to hibernate for months on end, but there is a season for resting and man oh man am I ready.

I am not a good ‘rester’ though, I feel like I always have to be doing or going. So I am working on telling myself that it is ok and normal even to want to rest.

The next three weeks I get to be on vacation from my morning babysitting job and I am THRILLED. I need to rest and recharge. I want to spend the next three weeks focusing on my other two businesses, my friends, my family, and me. (not in the order) I still plan to wake up at 5 every morning for my Miracle Morning, but maybe I’ll get naps in or something later on in the day.


I have some HUGE goals that I do not want to leave 2015 without completing and learning to rest well is one of them!

How do you rest?


Love thy self


Why is it sometimes hardest to love yourself? We are so easy to sing other’s praises, but praising ourselves is somehow selfish and conceited? Makes no sense when you think about it from that perspective.

Here are a few ways to practice self-love in your daily life.

  1. Schedule in rest- Look at your schedule and find a good time and place to put a rest appointment and keep it. Give yourself the gift of truly letting your body, mind, and heart take a break from your to-do list and rest. An important thing to remember, rest isn’t being lazy or not getting enough done or being selfish. Rest is giving your body and mind what you need so you can be fully present in the other moments of your life.
  2. Put your phone down. Technology makes our lives better but, it’s a huge distraction for everyone around us, most especially people. The other night my boyfriend said to me “You are on your phone a lot lately!” He’s right…and it startled me to think how he feels when I am sucked up in my phone instead of enjoying my time with him. Set aside times that your phone is off or in another room. 8ea9121d0d39626cea8d53a3e3efd58f.jpg
  3. Do something you really love. Go hike, climb a mountain, drink a cup of coffee, call a friend, watch a show. Whatever it is that brings your joy right down to your toes.

What is your Why?

Does your why keep you up at night? No, well then you need a bigger why!

images (1)

What gives you a reason to jump out of bed every day? Is it your family, your friends, your job? Do you have big dreams and goals? Who’s life do you want to change? Do you want to retire your hard working husband or pay of your parents mortgage? These are all examples of “whys”. If you don’t have a reason for getting out of bed other than to get a job to pay your bills than you have got some dreaming to do. You will continue to work in that job forever going nowhere if there is nothing more that you are working for!

Here are some steps to creating your why.

  1. Find a nice quiet space and turn off your phone and all other distractions.
  2.  Sit with a pen and paper and start writing thing things that motivate you. What gives you energy and excites you? Make this list as big as you can.
  3. After you’ve made that list, put it off to the side. Answer the following three questions:

    1.     When am I most happy?

    2.     If money didn’t matter, how would I spend my time each day?

    3.     What’s important to me?

    Again, it’s important that you take some  time to think about and answer these questions. Be honest, no one needs to see this but you.

  4. Revisit your list. After you’ve answered the above questions, go back to your list that you made in step 2. Take a look at the list and try to identify themes and anything that really sticks out for you. Listen to your gut here and think about why these things struck you.
  5. Find alignment. Looking at your list and at the answers to the questions you answered, what do you notice? What sticks out? Why do you think that is? Does what you listed as motivating and exciting align with what makes you most happy or what’s important to you?
  6. Draft your first statement. This is the hardest and most time-consuming part. You probably won’t have your finished statement the first time you try this. It’ll take a little bit of time and effort to create a statement that you feel confident and will be able to share without having to look down on a piece of paper or on your phone.

    Your statement should start with something like “I believe…” or “What drives me is…”

    For example, the Why Statement I most resonate with right now is “What drives me is helping other people to live successful, healthy, happy, and joy-filled lives through my coaching and Arbonne business”  I believe in helping people find the strategies and develop their skills to be better each day and to show up in a healthy and happy manner. This was something I learned personally and it’s the reason I get up each morning and do what I do.

images (3)

If you wrote down something that was said to you or suggested by someone than get rid of it and the same goes for how you answered your questions. Did you answer them authentically? If not, try it again.

Over time you’ll start to figure out whether or not this statement suits you. It might right now but may change later on. It’s important that you be open to that change and see it not as a bad thing but as a sign of your own personal growth.

Our whys are so personal so do not compaire with others. Purpose comes from all kinds of different sources. I may find it in the moments when I’m reading, or connecting with people I Love and care about while you find it when you have a few minutes alone by yourself or when you’re in front of an audience.

Would love to hear your whys!




25 things!


2015 with sparklers

2015 has been a wonderful year and I am looking forward to enjoying every last second of the next 16 days of it, but I am also in reflection mode!Here are some things I learned

  1. I am enough. I am good enough. I am smart enough. I am capable enough.
  2. People are not worrying about what you do or dont do as much as you think they are.
  3. I have to love me before I can love others
  4. You get ideas in your head for a reason and they shouldn’t just sit there. Give your ideas wings and tracks to run on.
  5. Move your body daily, it will thank you.
  6. Do new things! Join meetup.com, go to parties, shop in new stores, buy different foods.
  7. Find your voice and your style and use it proudly.
  8. Being a parent is HARD….no I am not one, but I am around kids a lot and its a full-time job.
  9. No one stays the same forever, life changes you.
  10. Change is ok, it will not kill you (generally) and it does something to you.
  11. Affirmations are essential to growth and goal acheiveing
  12. Gratitiude is so powerful in attitude changing and positvity.
  13. Schedules are GREAT but sometimes you have to live outside of one. Choose one day a week to live loosly. For me it is Sunday. I know what needs to happend on Sundays but I dont have spacific times to do each task. Its freeing!
  14. You can never have enough friends and I dont mean on facebook! I have gone from a few friends here in CA to TONS! I enjoy doing different things with each and we all have a lot of fun.
  15. You dont have to stay for the whole party! Be sure to let the hot/hostess know you will being leaving at a certian time and that way if you dont get a chance to say good-bye they wont think you were rude.
  16. Be proud of your work and do it well! Whether you clean toilets for a living or you are assistant to the queen of England do your job with excellance.
  17. Trust yourself more! You know what you need and want. Its ok not to get anyone’s opinion before you do something. You have not gotten this far in life for nothing.
  18. Sometimes your family is no longer healthy for you, or you have become healthy despite them and you have to shut doors and set boundries and that is OK.
  19. Buy something fun for yourself once in a while. Budget for it if you have to but it amazing what a new peice of art, or a shirt, or new mug will do for you 😛
  20. Celebrate life everyday! Dont just wait for the big things in life to happen. If your kid brought his grade up 1 point celebrate. You got 1 new client this month celebrate!
  21. Yoga pants are meant to be worn and loved! (LuLaRoe anyone?)
  22. Your thoughts are chosen, if you are headed down a negative road turn the bus around and start speaking some positivity around you!
  23. Random acts of kindess are fulfilling! Challange yourself to do a rak everyday for a month and watch your life change.
  24. How you do one this is how you do everything….
  25. Written goals are essential to growth.




For the second time today I have read/heard “The world needs more of YOU” from two unrelated people…I call that a moment people.

In reflection I got to thinking “What do I have to offer the world?” um A LOT! I am a life changer, a hope giver, a lover, and a friend. A few years I ago I would have been stuck on the whole “what do I have to offer?” part instead of turning it around and making it about the world and the impact that I happen to have on it.

YOU are needed. Your gifts, talents, crazy hair, thick thighs, too long legs, unorganized, weird, smart, fun, awesome, imperfect self. Who cares what your physical flaws are or are not. If you have character flaws work on them for yourself and the world around you. Take what you do have, wrap it up and give it to the people around you. Start making a change today. Don’t wait until the new year, or after Christmas or tomorrow, NOW!

This is defintly a call to action. This is a challenge from my heart to yours.

If this spoke to you in anyway and you want to go deeper, I am here for you.

-Dominique Rondeau

De-stressing your life!


Stress will kill you, no joke! Some signs of stress are the inability to sleep., craving unhealthy food, getting sick a lot, an unsettled stomach, rapid weight gain or loss, high anxiety and moodiness, to name a few.

Stress is taxing on all systems of the body as the symptoms above prove. Some stress cannot be totally eradicated such as sick children or spouse, a stressful job, (though you can work on changing jobs or the environment) but creating a low stress environment is important. If your job is high stress make sure your home life is easy going and relaxing and via versa.

Here are a few practical tips to de-stressing that YOU can do!

  • Take a walk
  • Meditate
  • Drink a warm beverage
  • Make a to do list
  • Read a mindless book
  • Animal therapy
  • Anything lavender
  • Listen to music
  • Eat chocolate