What I do on the weekends

I know you are thinking “Wow, exciting blog title!” lol NOT but I think its important to at least hear how I set up my week for success by what I do on the weekend! Hang in there with me its not ALL about goals and lists~


  1. Have FUN! Let your hair down and enjoy your time away from work if you get some! Plan an adventure, cook yummy food, call family or friends, go hike, shop -whatever it is just make it fun!
  2. Think about your week ahead (notice I didn’t bring out the big guns…yet…I said THINK about it) get in your brain any big tasks, plans, parties, meetings etc that you have coming up.
  3. Write it all down. Do a brain dumb of the upcoming week and what needs to be done- Scheduling appointments, phone calls, groceries, meals, shopping for gifts, or what ever else your life has planned for you.
  4. Take measurable steps to set everything up for the week. Get written in your schedule when you need to do what so that you dont forget.
  5. Now that the hard part is out of the way back to FUN!

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