Limiting beliefs are hog wash!

IMG_0327 (2)

I could write a book on limiting beliefs…maybe I should…A friend recently said to me that her mom told her that when she was born she had the words “failure” stamped on her head. Now this is a woman who lived through the wildness of the 60’s and 70’s immigrated to a whole new country without really knowing anyone. Got her MA degree and taught English. She has traveled all over the world, gotten married and is not retired and living a GOOD life. What constitutes any of that as failure? Nothing!

What her mom saw as failure was success and abundance of a different type. I think we all can remember a time in our life when someone has put a “bad” label on us. Whether it is “You wont succeed” “That will be too hard for you” “You never finish what you start” I could go on and on but the point is that we are told a lot of stories about ourselves that we can choose to internalize and believe or we can call them hogwash and move upwards and on wards.

Write a list of the stories you have internalize and believe to be true. On the other side of the paper re-write the story in a positive light!



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