25 things!


2015 with sparklers

2015 has been a wonderful year and I am looking forward to enjoying every last second of the next 16 days of it, but I am also in reflection mode!Here are some things I learned

  1. I am enough. I am good enough. I am smart enough. I am capable enough.
  2. People are not worrying about what you do or dont do as much as you think they are.
  3. I have to love me before I can love others
  4. You get ideas in your head for a reason and they shouldn’t just sit there. Give your ideas wings and tracks to run on.
  5. Move your body daily, it will thank you.
  6. Do new things! Join meetup.com, go to parties, shop in new stores, buy different foods.
  7. Find your voice and your style and use it proudly.
  8. Being a parent is HARD….no I am not one, but I am around kids a lot and its a full-time job.
  9. No one stays the same forever, life changes you.
  10. Change is ok, it will not kill you (generally) and it does something to you.
  11. Affirmations are essential to growth and goal acheiveing
  12. Gratitiude is so powerful in attitude changing and positvity.
  13. Schedules are GREAT but sometimes you have to live outside of one. Choose one day a week to live loosly. For me it is Sunday. I know what needs to happend on Sundays but I dont have spacific times to do each task. Its freeing!
  14. You can never have enough friends and I dont mean on facebook! I have gone from a few friends here in CA to TONS! I enjoy doing different things with each and we all have a lot of fun.
  15. You dont have to stay for the whole party! Be sure to let the hot/hostess know you will being leaving at a certian time and that way if you dont get a chance to say good-bye they wont think you were rude.
  16. Be proud of your work and do it well! Whether you clean toilets for a living or you are assistant to the queen of England do your job with excellance.
  17. Trust yourself more! You know what you need and want. Its ok not to get anyone’s opinion before you do something. You have not gotten this far in life for nothing.
  18. Sometimes your family is no longer healthy for you, or you have become healthy despite them and you have to shut doors and set boundries and that is OK.
  19. Buy something fun for yourself once in a while. Budget for it if you have to but it amazing what a new peice of art, or a shirt, or new mug will do for you 😛
  20. Celebrate life everyday! Dont just wait for the big things in life to happen. If your kid brought his grade up 1 point celebrate. You got 1 new client this month celebrate!
  21. Yoga pants are meant to be worn and loved! (LuLaRoe anyone?)
  22. Your thoughts are chosen, if you are headed down a negative road turn the bus around and start speaking some positivity around you!
  23. Random acts of kindess are fulfilling! Challange yourself to do a rak everyday for a month and watch your life change.
  24. How you do one this is how you do everything….
  25. Written goals are essential to growth.



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