What is your Why?

Does your why keep you up at night? No, well then you need a bigger why!

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What gives you a reason to jump out of bed every day? Is it your family, your friends, your job? Do you have big dreams and goals? Who’s life do you want to change? Do you want to retire your hard working husband or pay of your parents mortgage? These are all examples of “whys”. If you don’t have a reason for getting out of bed other than to get a job to pay your bills than you have got some dreaming to do. You will continue to work in that job forever going nowhere if there is nothing more that you are working for!

Here are some steps to creating your why.

  1. Find a nice quiet space and turn off your phone and all other distractions.
  2.  Sit with a pen and paper and start writing thing things that motivate you. What gives you energy and excites you? Make this list as big as you can.
  3. After you’ve made that list, put it off to the side. Answer the following three questions:

    1.     When am I most happy?

    2.     If money didn’t matter, how would I spend my time each day?

    3.     What’s important to me?

    Again, it’s important that you take some  time to think about and answer these questions. Be honest, no one needs to see this but you.

  4. Revisit your list. After you’ve answered the above questions, go back to your list that you made in step 2. Take a look at the list and try to identify themes and anything that really sticks out for you. Listen to your gut here and think about why these things struck you.
  5. Find alignment. Looking at your list and at the answers to the questions you answered, what do you notice? What sticks out? Why do you think that is? Does what you listed as motivating and exciting align with what makes you most happy or what’s important to you?
  6. Draft your first statement. This is the hardest and most time-consuming part. You probably won’t have your finished statement the first time you try this. It’ll take a little bit of time and effort to create a statement that you feel confident and will be able to share without having to look down on a piece of paper or on your phone.

    Your statement should start with something like “I believe…” or “What drives me is…”

    For example, the Why Statement I most resonate with right now is “What drives me is helping other people to live successful, healthy, happy, and joy-filled lives through my coaching and Arbonne business”  I believe in helping people find the strategies and develop their skills to be better each day and to show up in a healthy and happy manner. This was something I learned personally and it’s the reason I get up each morning and do what I do.

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If you wrote down something that was said to you or suggested by someone than get rid of it and the same goes for how you answered your questions. Did you answer them authentically? If not, try it again.

Over time you’ll start to figure out whether or not this statement suits you. It might right now but may change later on. It’s important that you be open to that change and see it not as a bad thing but as a sign of your own personal growth.

Our whys are so personal so do not compaire with others. Purpose comes from all kinds of different sources. I may find it in the moments when I’m reading, or connecting with people I Love and care about while you find it when you have a few minutes alone by yourself or when you’re in front of an audience.

Would love to hear your whys!





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