Love thy self


Why is it sometimes hardest to love yourself? We are so easy to sing other’s praises, but praising ourselves is somehow selfish and conceited? Makes no sense when you think about it from that perspective.

Here are a few ways to practice self-love in your daily life.

  1. Schedule in rest- Look at your schedule and find a good time and place to put a rest appointment and keep it. Give yourself the gift of truly letting your body, mind, and heart take a break from your to-do list and rest. An important thing to remember, rest isn’t being lazy or not getting enough done or being selfish. Rest is giving your body and mind what you need so you can be fully present in the other moments of your life.
  2. Put your phone down. Technology makes our lives better but, it’s a huge distraction for everyone around us, most especially people. The other night my boyfriend said to me “You are on your phone a lot lately!” He’s right…and it startled me to think how he feels when I am sucked up in my phone instead of enjoying my time with him. Set aside times that your phone is off or in another room. 8ea9121d0d39626cea8d53a3e3efd58f.jpg
  3. Do something you really love. Go hike, climb a mountain, drink a cup of coffee, call a friend, watch a show. Whatever it is that brings your joy right down to your toes.

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