I am enough

The subconscious is the part of your mind that is not readily accessible by your conscious mind; it functions below your normal level of waking consciousness. Envision your subconscious as a huge filing cabinet that stores files such as: every wonderful and traumatic experience you have ever had, habits, skills, and every visual image you have ever seen.  In contrast, the conscious part of your mind is responsible for logic, generating thoughts, being proactive and deciding which path to take. In your conscious mind, all of these functions are 100%  under your control, unlike your subconscious mind.  The conscious mind makes decisions and gives orders to the subconscious mind.  Therefore, the subconscious will carry out the directive based on what is programmed, not necessarily what you are requesting.  Yes…I know, it sounds a bit scary….keep reading.

Your subconscious mind carries out the instructions of your conscious mind without questioning. Within your subconscious lies all your beliefs (including limited beliefs) and habits (what you do every day). Our beliefs and habits control our everyday life. Were you aware that 88% of your mind is comprised of the subconscious, which you do not actively control? On a daily basis you only use 12% of your conscious mind. (YIKES) Therefore, your subconscious mind is at the helm; it’s running the ship–you.

I know so many people struggle with feelings of not being enough or not being worthy. Where the heck do those type of thoughts come from. Do you see a baby learning to walk give up and give into crawling for life because they aren’t good enough….um heck no. So it must be some time after babyhood but before adulthood that these thoughts and ideations are instilled into us.


I do not want to make this a touchy-feely post. I want to make this an oh that’s where that comes from post.

We begin to lose faith in ourselves and our abilities when we are told enough times that what we are doing isn’t right. As a kid, I worked with my dad who had a roofing business. It was great when I did the right thing and helped in the right way, but when I messed up, man it was humiliating. I started losing trust in my ability to help and be good at roofing. I would ask my dad before I did any little task and he would get frustrated at that. It was a vicious cycle.

Its amazing what we start believing and holding as truths. After years of feeling not worthy, or enough it can be hard to change that wiring in our brain to think differently but it can absolutly be done.

Identifying your limiting beliefs and where and how these stories got in our heads is essential. After we know the how and then when we can begin to make a change. Did you have a parent, teacher, friend, sibling tell you something that STILL holds you back?

You can take something away without putting something else in to take its place. Affirmations such as “I am enough.” “I am worthy.” “Even if I do make misteaks, I am still good enough.” Positive self talk, meditaiton, and visualization will change the negitive pathways.

“You are like a captain navigating a ship. He must give the right orders, and likewise, you must give the right orders (thoughts and images) to your subconscious mind which controls and governs all your experiences.” ~ Dr. Joseph Murphy







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