Reasons to work from home!

Working from home is great! I get to do a trial run these next few weeks and do it full time, so fun.

Yesterday morning I met up with my friend Paige to co-work from Bello Mundo in San Luis. It has an open and airy feel that inspires creativity and fun, even.


Making my own schedule and sticking to it is so freeing! I was worried I would lack motivation and yes I am only three days into the “new” schedule, but I can happily say I have gotten each of the day’s tasks done by the end of the day!

I have the freedom to wear yoga pants all day. I don’t normally do this except on Sunday afternoons because I feel like what we wear reflects how we feel, but Monday I spent the day sewing and cleaning so it was perfect for my new purple yoga pants.


I love that I can start as early as I want! I have been getting up at 5 am and getting my Miracle Morning and workout in before 7! It feels so freeing. Normally I would be arriving at my nannying job at 7 am and then not able to work my business unitl the afternoon and evening. I am the freshest in the morning so it has been great!

I’m saving gas! It’s awesome! I’m still driving, but not the hour commute daily to my morning job ROCKS! (wow a lot of exclamation marks but seriously it is great)

Its motivating and my goal is by June 1 to be working from home full time!




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