Fuel to my FIRE

Hey loves! So this is a topic that is close to my heart…essentially it boils down to positivity. Are you in a job you don’t like working your booty off until you can quit and work for yourself? Or are you working in a job you LOVE but your family is not supportive?

Instead of letting any of this take your time and energy think of these words as sticks! Yes, I said sticks. Not as in sticks and stones but as in how do you build a fire? With sticks and newspaper and lighter fluid or flint if you are cool like that.

Fire is a motivator, right? We here the phrase “Lights a fire under my butt” and think yeah if my hinny was on fire I’d move real quick.


So for every comment about how you are not going to succeed, or your idea is silly, etc take each one as a stick and add it to your fire to MOVE




What do you want happen?

What if it was as easy as “What do you want to happen?” and I am not going to say it isn’t lol

My boyfriends daughter wanted to ask a boy to Sadie Hawking dance coming up and was moping around the house saying “He is going to say no. What if he doesn’t want to go with me.” It was starting to not only get on my nerves but put those thoughts in my head too!

I stopped her and said well what do you want to happen? She said I want him to say yes! I told her she needs to focus on what she wanted to happen and what COULD happen. I had to remind her a few different times.

Yesterday she asked him with the help of a cute football themed posted and some pink cookies (food is the way to a man’s heart :-P) And what do you know he said yes! (We have a video to prove it even)

So what you want may not be as simple as asking a boy to a dance, but I challange you to figure out what you want to have happen and focus on that


Taking out the (head) trash!


Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and think of something that someone said or even didn’t say that hurt you? Or maybe it happens when you are driving. Whatever the case maybe these thoughts can hold us back and keep us from feeling as good as we are supposed to.

Here is my solution-

Sit down and grab a piece of paper and write down every wrong and hurt! Maybe a short list and may be a long one. Then read out loud each thing and repeat the mantra “I forgive you. I am sorry. I love” after each one! I call this the bless and release.

In the moment, it is not about them. You may never really get an apology but you will find how HEALING it is to hear yourself bless and release it so you can move on and be FREE.

If later on down the road you feel stuck again pull out the paper, add to it if you need to and repeat the mantra.

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Hogwash or AWESOME?

You know those people who are all into the universe and juju stuff? I am slowly being won over! Here is why. At Christmas time the 3-year-old I nanny for insisted that I write a list to Santa….I told her no for two weeks…well then she told her mom she wanted it to be a project we worked on so we sat down and she helped me write it and then drew each item.

Here it is




Within a few weeks, I have received everything on this list or the means to get each thing except the bed which is coming, I can feel it in my bones.


Flabbergasted but SO grateful!

I got a new phone!

I made some new fun pillows with leftover fabric

A friend sent me a box of shoes that were JUST my size

Another friend got me a yoga mat and DVD’s and yoga socks and I was able to get 2 pairs of yoga pants

I was given gift cards that I used to buy some new clothes

I traded in my textbooks on Amazon and was able to get a bunch of new books

A friend offered me a desk

I cut down my cell phone bill so that I can get wifi

Andrew got a pink full-length mirror for Christmas

If you are struggling with manifestation or attracting good things to you and your mindset check out The Secret, Get Rich Lucky Bitch, to Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill.


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You reap what you sow!

“You reap what you sow!” This is a biblical principle and a generally has a negative connotation. It’s an “Oh they deserved that because of how they behaved previously.”

Well I want to put a positive spin on it and when people tell me that phrase I am going to say HECK YES I DO!!!

download (1)

When I am kind, I’ll be shown kindness. When I go out of my way to help others I will be helped. Mind you  going about life in a positive and kind and uplifting manner because you want to, not because you expecting people to always do good to you is the key.

I want to reap what I sow!!! I want to see my seeds grow and come into fruition and bear GOOD fruit!

So when someone says to you “You reap what you sow!” Say HECK YES!!!


Top 10 for your weekend


1 Fun first duh!!! Weekends are for fun. Even if its going to the cheap movie theater or ordering takeout do it!

2. Relaxing- could be tied into a fun but seriously if weekends are your only recharge time than really set aside time to relax. If that means watching football, getting a pedicure, calling a friend, reading a book, cooking a yummy meal. Whatever it looks like to you.

3. Drink some fancy coffee or tea. I save my fancy drinks for the weekends so I can really savor them and sip with joy (Chai tea lattes with coconut milk are my favorite)

4. Plan. Take time to sit and plan your week ahead, groceries, appointments, meals, date night, etc

5. Go on an adventure. I am trying to do something new each weekend. Sometimes it’s to visit a new place, or simple as feeding ducks at the park, or shopping in a new  store.

6. Call or write to someone you have not talked to in a while. Build that connection again!

7. Do something nice for someone. Bake cookies for the local fire department. Send a kind note and Starbucks card to a friend. Offer to help a friend move, or paint or fix something.

8. Add some joy to your home! Grab some flowers or a plant when you are getting your groceries or a silly card.

9. Move- Walk, dance, run, do yoga! Once again whatever way you choose to move do it!

10. Clean- I know I knowing BORING…but find one thing to clean, maybe something you have been putting off- That closet, out that drawer full of junk, or that shed!





In life, there is a balance to everything. Look at a tree or even how a house is built. Everything is in perfect balance or else it would topple over.

When our lives are out of balance we feel it. We get anxious, overly tired, cranky, frazzled, or stagnant.

If we do too little or are resting too much we are not going to be anxious, but instead feel stuck or like we are not improving or growing in any way.

There is a list of things that are big parts of our lives- Add to it if there is something else that speaks to you.





Spiritual life

Emotional life

Social Life


Obviously certain things are priorities over others and work is going to take up a good part of our time, but balance is still so important. If we work 90 hours a week and don’t exercise, have a little time with friends or family and don’t even have time to think about our spiritual needs, yes our bank account may look big and healthy but will our family’s be thriving?  Will our friends feel close to us? Will we be healthy of mind and body?


I suggest writing out all the hours you have in a week (168-We all get the same amount) then start subtracting. How many hours do you work in a week? How much is spent with your family, friends, yourself, exercise, reading, watching TV, sleeping, driving? I want you to account for EVERY hour each week. Get real and raw. Now look at your list and the hours spent doing each and take notice of how you feel about it. Is there time wasted or not used wisely.

Use this as an activity to promote change and growth and BALANCE!


Looking forward to hearing what you all come up with.


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Keys to Productivity

If you are like me you want to be productive, but some days you don’t know how, or you don’t feel good, or you don’t know what to do first.


Enter plans and goals! I know living by the book day in a day out is exhausting, but for me, I have to have tracks to run on. If a plan is in place to get through each day, week, and month, I know that I will be achieving goals left and right and seeing and feeling progress.

I have had some unexpected health changes occur over the past few months and a lot of days I simply don’t feel good. I know that I do my best work in the mornings and I LOVE sitting down to lunch knowing every important task has been marked off my list and anything after is a bonus.

For the past 2 plus weeks, I have been off from my nannying job and my goal is by June to make this my lifestyle. It has been a SMASHING success. I get up at 5:30 every morning (When I am Nannying it is 5) I do my Miracle Morning which consists of about an hour of reading a personal growth book (I am finishing Failing Forward by John Maxwell currently) envisioning my future, reading affirmations out loud, writing some down, writing in my gratitude journal, and meditating or praying. Then I eat breakfast and begin my day. Each day is different as some days I do yoga first thing or other days I walk later in the day or do an exercise video but I focus on exercising daily. I have been spending the mornings working on my businesses. These tasks include writing blog posts, making calls, coffee appointments etc. I have a daily cleaning task I like to accomplish and there is always laundry.

It seems simple really, but it’s fulfilling, income producing and dare I say FUN!


Some tips I have are to 1) Decide what time of day you work best. For some, it means working around your job but are you a morning person or a night owl. I know some moms thrive on the quiet time in the evening to get work down when the kids are in bed. Others work better getting up early. Find what works for you. 2) Write a list of daily, weekly, monthly tasks and arrange them on a schedule. I recommend having one day where things are planned loosely. For me that is Sunday. I know what needs to get done before the end of the day Sunday, but I give myself some grace as to when during the day I do it. 3) Implement your schedule one task at a time if you have to. I have created some great goal sheets to help you do this. Comment below to get your copy.

4) Always be open to changing things around if what you have been doing is no longer working. If 4 am is too early try 4:30 or 5 am. If Tuesday is not turning out to be a good day to do laundry than change it!


Hope these keys and tools are helping!