Are You Growing?

There are three different spaces or categories we all can be a part of at any given point during our lives. We can be disintegrating, stuck, or growing.

Signs we are disintegrating are; troubled marriage or relationships, excessively drinking, drug use, hatred, anxiety, inability to keep a job.

Signs we are stuck; An overall feeling of simply surviving, been in the same frame of mind for a long time. Nothing has changed. Holding a job but barely getting by. Married but not happily. Friendships that don’t make us any better or any worse. Some faith but not much.

Signs we are growing; We have a healthy and thriving life full of goal setting and keeping. Constantly working on making myself better and serving others. Leading people in life, love, and joy. Doing whatever job we may have with excellence. Hanging out with a solid and uplifting group of friends.


Some ways to move from disintegrating to growing

  • Get some goals and plans in life. Create a vision of your future that is happy, joyous, and free
  • Set a household budget- It is so freeing to know what is coming in and where it needs to go and how much will be left over. Set it in detail down to how much fun money you have each week/month. I find an envelope system works great.
  • Read some self-help books, the bible, or anything else that inspires you
  • Serve others around you by volunteering or committing to do a random act of kindness each day
  • Get a group of solid, uplifting and encouraging friends around you. Find a church, 12 step group or a meetup group that can help you find these type of people that will fill you up, love on you, and be there for you.
  • Exercise- Find something that works for you. Yoga, walking, biking, running, swimming, doesn’t matter just do it. Find time DAILY to move.
  • Help someone else build their vision and be true and uplifting friend to those around you.
  • If you belong to a church join or create a small group and walk in the fellowship and love and service.
  • Don’t be afraid to take the advice your friends, counselors, pastors etc give you. It’s a gift when someone is willing to walk beside us and help see us through the dark places.


I really enjoyed writing this post and I hope you enjoyed reading it and found value. In this new year, I want to always be working on GROWING and becoming MORE me.

Remember you are fearless, fabulous, and free.


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