In life, there is a balance to everything. Look at a tree or even how a house is built. Everything is in perfect balance or else it would topple over.

When our lives are out of balance we feel it. We get anxious, overly tired, cranky, frazzled, or stagnant.

If we do too little or are resting too much we are not going to be anxious, but instead feel stuck or like we are not improving or growing in any way.

There is a list of things that are big parts of our lives- Add to it if there is something else that speaks to you.





Spiritual life

Emotional life

Social Life


Obviously certain things are priorities over others and work is going to take up a good part of our time, but balance is still so important. If we work 90 hours a week and don’t exercise, have a little time with friends or family and don’t even have time to think about our spiritual needs, yes our bank account may look big and healthy but will our family’s be thriving?  Will our friends feel close to us? Will we be healthy of mind and body?


I suggest writing out all the hours you have in a week (168-We all get the same amount) then start subtracting. How many hours do you work in a week? How much is spent with your family, friends, yourself, exercise, reading, watching TV, sleeping, driving? I want you to account for EVERY hour each week. Get real and raw. Now look at your list and the hours spent doing each and take notice of how you feel about it. Is there time wasted or not used wisely.

Use this as an activity to promote change and growth and BALANCE!


Looking forward to hearing what you all come up with.


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