Top 10 for your weekend


1 Fun first duh!!! Weekends are for fun. Even if its going to the cheap movie theater or ordering takeout do it!

2. Relaxing- could be tied into a fun but seriously if weekends are your only recharge time than really set aside time to relax. If that means watching football, getting a pedicure, calling a friend, reading a book, cooking a yummy meal. Whatever it looks like to you.

3. Drink some fancy coffee or tea. I save my fancy drinks for the weekends so I can really savor them and sip with joy (Chai tea lattes with coconut milk are my favorite)

4. Plan. Take time to sit and plan your week ahead, groceries, appointments, meals, date night, etc

5. Go on an adventure. I am trying to do something new each weekend. Sometimes it’s to visit a new place, or simple as feeding ducks at the park, or shopping in a new  store.

6. Call or write to someone you have not talked to in a while. Build that connection again!

7. Do something nice for someone. Bake cookies for the local fire department. Send a kind note and Starbucks card to a friend. Offer to help a friend move, or paint or fix something.

8. Add some joy to your home! Grab some flowers or a plant when you are getting your groceries or a silly card.

9. Move- Walk, dance, run, do yoga! Once again whatever way you choose to move do it!

10. Clean- I know I knowing BORING…but find one thing to clean, maybe something you have been putting off- That closet, out that drawer full of junk, or that shed!




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