You reap what you sow!

“You reap what you sow!” This is a biblical principle and a generally has a negative connotation. It’s an “Oh they deserved that because of how they behaved previously.”

Well I want to put a positive spin on it and when people tell me that phrase I am going to say HECK YES I DO!!!

download (1)

When I am kind, I’ll be shown kindness. When I go out of my way to help others I will be helped. Mind you  going about life in a positive and kind and uplifting manner because you want to, not because you expecting people to always do good to you is the key.

I want to reap what I sow!!! I want to see my seeds grow and come into fruition and bear GOOD fruit!

So when someone says to you “You reap what you sow!” Say HECK YES!!!



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