Fuel to my FIRE

Hey loves! So this is a topic that is close to my heart…essentially it boils down to positivity. Are you in a job you don’t like working your booty off until you can quit and work for yourself? Or are you working in a job you LOVE but your family is not supportive?

Instead of letting any of this take your time and energy think of these words as sticks! Yes, I said sticks. Not as in sticks and stones but as in how do you build a fire? With sticks and newspaper and lighter fluid or flint if you are cool like that.

Fire is a motivator, right? We here the phrase “Lights a fire under my butt” and think yeah if my hinny was on fire I’d move real quick.


So for every comment about how you are not going to succeed, or your idea is silly, etc take each one as a stick and add it to your fire to MOVE




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