Quiet time…you have got to have it

We live in a fast-paced world where nothing waits for no one. We are future focused, which is not always a bad thing, but always looking ahead to what is next.

This week I am challenging all my clients to establish quiet time in their DAILY lives. Yes, this means taking time each day to spend some quiet time with yourself. Does not matter if it is 5 minutes or one hour but it is some important to slow down and be with ourselves without the distraction of electronics, friends, family, etc.

Have you tried meditation, or yoga, or a nature walk? I know some parents only get quiet time if they lock themselves in the bathroom. If that’s what it takes then go for it:-P

Let me know how it goes!






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Sometimes when we feel buried its only cause we are covered in dirt and need to push through the soil 🙂

There is a time for everything!


I don’t know about you but I get so impatient about things. Recently a family member challenged each sub-family to grow a Christmas tree before next Christmas. We were all given a little pit with a seed pod and told to start immediately. So we all did…We do weekly photo progress. Mine is doing the best I must say 😛

Then at church a few weeks back we were all given seed growing kits…Andrew and I both planted ours on the same day. I have two sprouts and he has none…but I keep watering it and singing to it.

This is not a blog post on gardening per say but with all this being said, we cant expect the seeds to sprout immediately and can’t expect to get big flowers or fruits or veggies in the first month. Just as we cant grow relationships overnigth or businesses.

These things take time, water, nurturing, singing even




Finding Balance

Finding balance in life can be difficult. That sweet spot is small but it is amazing how much more productive and fun life is when we are in balance.

I have four big tips for keeping your schedule balanced so you don’t have to run around all the time like a chicken with your head chopped off. Though not a pleasant visual it is effective right?


  1. Plan ahead. I have spoken about this a lot with simple things such as setting your clothes out the night before or planning your week ahead on Sunday, but even bigger than that I am talking YEARS. Get a 5-year plan in place and every three months sit down and see how on a target you are to reach each goal and plan on time and arriving at each mile stone calm, cool and collected.
  2. Get some input on your schedule. Sit down with someone you know, love and trust and via verse and share your plans. Have them look at your weeks and where all your precious time is going. Allow yourself to be open to suggestions or changes. We are VERY emotionally tied to our schedule so having an outsider look at it and help us problem solve is a GREAT thing.
  3. Schedule Flow-Its hard going from a hard planning meeting to changing gears and having a meeting that is for something fun. Put all the hard stuff in one day or a few days. Make Wednesday a long day, but Thursday a lighter day. It’s easier to focus when we are using the same kind of energy and not having to emotionally change gears throughout the day. Plan ahead for your busy days but getting in some extra self-care in the beginning or end of your day. Plan healthy food to get you through and may take a few minutes longer on your breaks then you normally (or take breaks if you don’t normally) to just rejuvenate.
  4. Figure out your priority list and NEVER steal from an above priority. This needs a chart to explain. So I’ll use the below illustration.



(Whatever the god of your understanding is or your idea of spirituality needs to come first)


This includes marriage, kids, parents etc


Find a way to serve human beings around you and do it well! Volunteer, get involved, serve and love on others.

Work (school sports etc dependant on age)

This one can often times take over life, but it needs to stay in its place. If your job is causing you to lose your family time, stress you out and make you a miserable human being than QUIT.


This is your hobbies, TV shows etc. These are the things that help us to rest and relax.


Now go balance your schedule and your life! Find someone to help you set some boundaries in your schedule and time management!




I have gone to a lot of networking groups and there are some many! Here are some of my favorite tips and places to meet people.

Parties of all kinds- Wether it is a birthday party, Christmas party, or super bowl party. On Sunday, I made a fast new friend at a super bowl party. Over Christmas, I went to a White Elephant party and was connected with a woman who has horses and was looking for a friend to ride with!! How fun are these connections, guys?!

A while back I joined meetup.com and found a beautiful group of girlfriends who are so fun and adventurous. We do Bachelor nights, hikes, and girls nights

Coffee shops and grocery stores are another fun way to meet people. Find someone who is getting the same drink as you or interested in the same kind of food you are and start chatting. It’s amazing how a little compliment a genuine interested will go a long way!

Share with me your favorite ways to network and meet new people!



These are a few of my favorite things

I have a few favorites of late that I want to share with you all!

  1. Swell water bottles…if you don’t have one GO GET ONE!! It keeps my water COLD for days! 17oz_Jade.jpg
  2. Pillows- I made this one so I am partial but we all need some fun pillows on our beds. image_15545.jpeg
  3. This book The Fear Cure is rock your socks amazing! 15543.jpeg
  4. LuLa Roe leggings- They are SO comfy and have such fun prints. I got these at the party I hosted on Thursday.12662649_10205892964466345_5335708039661286321_n.jpg
  5.  Arbonne chocolate protein! SO yummy and 20 grams of healthy vegan protein12509847_1175514235807100_5751159250247783256_n
  6. Sunny days! I am so GLAD that I am on the Central Coast of CA and sun is a regular occurrence.
  7. Tea- In any way shape or form. I have found a YUMMY coconut milk creamer that is so yummy in my teas these days. download

Bless and release!

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It’s only natural that we are not going to agree with everyone and visa versa. Some people are more hurtful in how they disagree, though.

I also find some jobs make us more vulnerable to public criticism. Having your own business, wanting to have your own business, politics, blogging, writing, parenting. The list goes on and on.

People’s criticism and sometimes cruel words can knock us down and keep us from doing what we love, or we can choose the higher road and bless and release these people from our lives.

It is a simple, but powerful action. It’s an act of self-love more than one of forgiveness. It is a quiet yet powerful way of say “I am successful, loved, and worthy and another’s opinion does not affect me in negative ways because I don’t let it.”

When someone posts a negative comment on your social media, or says something to your face, or tells a mutual friend something that is hurtful, take a deep breath. Imagine yourself putting that thought or words into a bag. Tie it up real tight and throw it away saying “I bless and release you and your words.”

It’s so freeing and healthy! Can’t wait to hear how this helps you all!


A Mindset of Fear vs. A Mindset of Joy

Minerva Management Partners


Productivity is always a hot topic, and not just at the beginning of each year. Yesterday I was watching an old Webinar Over Wine replay from Shauna Mackenzie of The Best Kept Self (www.bestkeptself.com) about productivity. While talking about doing annual productivity audits so that you have a better understanding of where you are spending your time she asks the listener to question the motivation for each task on your list. Do you have the item on your list because of fear, imposition, or joy?


I had to think about that one for a minute and even replayed that section to hear it again. There are quite a few items on my list that I consider necessary evils. They certainly don’t bring joy to my life but I feel like they have a legitimate spot on my list. So, I wondered, is it possible to shift your…

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Organizing your week


If only our computers had an “organize” button! They don’t, yet…so here are a few practical tips!

Here are a few tips I am learning, not only for starting out my week in an organized manner, but keeping it organized.

  1. I set out my clothes the night before, (but only after checking the weather for the next day.) I know a few people who set out their clothes on Sunday evening for the week ahead but the weather here changes on a whim so 12/24 hours before I know more accurately.
  2. Plan your meals for the week. If meal prep is not your thing you can even just get meals written on a calendar for the week ahead. Fill in days you will be eating out or eating at a work thing etc.
  3. Have set times during the day to return emails and phone calls. Your time is precious and having 2 or three set times a day to get back to people will make a better use of your time.
  4. Choose one area of your home to clean daily. This shouldn’t take more than 10-20 minutes. When broken down it is easier than all in one day.
  5. Find a time daily to have “you time.” Read, meditate, move, sing, sip tea. This keeps us in balance and moving forward and feeling filled up.


What does your fear say about you?

What are you afraid of? I don’t mean the dark or bears or spiders. I mean at the end of the day what are you afraid of? Is it being lonely forever? Being rejected? Being hurt by someone you love? Being misunderstood?

images (1)

What are your fear buttons? Who pushes them the most? Does your significant other joke about when or if you break up and that sparks something in you. Chances are they are testing the water seeing if you are indeed thinking about leaving.

When you start to dig deeper and realize why that fear is there and why is keeps coming up you can gain power over it.

A lot of times it comes from childhood and yes this is the psychology major coming out in me. If you were abandoned by a caregiver or parent and that will become a pattern in your life until you deal with it. Until you can say “I am worthy of love and I am safe no matter what.” and BELIEVE it and live it! The fear is going to keep coming back and people will continue to leave you if you don’t settle it once and for all. It’s like they can sense it and feel it when they are around you.