What does your fear say about you?

What are you afraid of? I don’t mean the dark or bears or spiders. I mean at the end of the day what are you afraid of? Is it being lonely forever? Being rejected? Being hurt by someone you love? Being misunderstood?

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What are your fear buttons? Who pushes them the most? Does your significant other joke about when or if you break up and that sparks something in you. Chances are they are testing the water seeing if you are indeed thinking about leaving.

When you start to dig deeper and realize why that fear is there and why is keeps coming up you can gain power over it.

A lot of times it comes from childhood and yes this is the psychology major coming out in me. If you were abandoned by a caregiver or parent and that will become a pattern in your life until you deal with it. Until you can say “I am worthy of love and I am safe no matter what.” and BELIEVE it and live it! The fear is going to keep coming back and people will continue to leave you if you don’t settle it once and for all. It’s like they can sense it and feel it when they are around you.




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