There is a time for everything!


I don’t know about you but I get so impatient about things. Recently a family member challenged each sub-family to grow a Christmas tree before next Christmas. We were all given a little pit with a seed pod and told to start immediately. So we all did…We do weekly photo progress. Mine is doing the best I must say 😛

Then at church a few weeks back we were all given seed growing kits…Andrew and I both planted ours on the same day. I have two sprouts and he has none…but I keep watering it and singing to it.

This is not a blog post on gardening per say but with all this being said, we cant expect the seeds to sprout immediately and can’t expect to get big flowers or fruits or veggies in the first month. Just as we cant grow relationships overnigth or businesses.

These things take time, water, nurturing, singing even





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