Happy Easter Loves!

For those of you that celebrate this holiday  Happy Easter! Enjoy som family/friends, yummy food and candy ! xoxo -Dominique easter


Pillow Talk

dog sleeping

Sleep is a HUGE part of self-care. Over the past week I have had several discussions with people who have trouble sleeping at night. Though I  take forever (or so it seems) to fall asleep at night, I generally get between 5-7 hours a night.

Sleep is so important for health, digestion, memory, maintaining a healthy weight, and all other systems.

Make a list of what happens when you don’t get enough sleep. Maybe  your energy level is low all day, you are grumpy, or  you have a hard time staying focused on tasks.

Next, I want you to add an extra HOUR of sleep to your day. Go to bed an hour earlier, take a nap or sleep in a few mornings this week. ( I nap every day that I can)

And lastly, I want you to take time this week to make your bedroom a sanctuary. A quiet place you can come and rest. Maybe add some candles, wash your bedding or re-arrange your room. Buy a new pillow or new sheets if you have too 😛

Have a GREAT rest of your week!!!


More…a check in

MORE is my word for 2016! I wanted to check in with myself and see how it’s going after 3 months.

I have gotten MORE active and made MORE friends. I have joined a small group. created a networking group, and sought out ways to get MORE active throughout the week.

Sometimes MORE is less. By this I mean less time on my phone gives me more time to experience life. Less time watching TV means more time cleaning, cooking, and building relationships.

I have been eating in a MORE healthy way. It’s not perfect by any means BUT it’s better.


Some big lessons I have learned so far from MORE is that
1) your self-care is extremely important- there is ALWAYS room for more of this!
2) You don’t need to over-explain yourself on why you are saying NO…Just saying NO is ENOUGH! This is a case so less is more
3) Doing things out of guilt and obligation is not doing things out of Love
If you chose a word how is that working for you!?

Vicious Cycle


You all know how it goes. That cycle of stinking thinking. That thing that happened to you years ago that made you think a negative thing about yourself or another person or even a group of people and now, YEARS later you still think the same thoughts about it.

For example. Your dad left your mom before you even knew about him. Mom said he was worthless and all the men in her life were jerks who eventually broke her heart and left. You carried that thought and experience with you of “All men are jerks!”

I know this is a girly example, but men I what if you grew up with a dad who never told you how proud he was of you. Or the things you did were never good enough, those things are damaging and can cause you to struggle in relationships, jobs etc. These stories we have told ourselves as a result of events can serve us or tear us down. We have to learn to break that cycle and insert new ideas and patterns in order to get new results.

It takes a lot of self-examination, painful emotions even, and creating new thought patterns.

If this post touched you and you want to begin a journey of healing your thought patterns and getting some freedom, I would love to go deeper with you. You can pop over to my website http://www.coaching805.com and set up a free consultation with me.



Happy right down to your soul!

Hey loves!

I think we all should have something we do that makes us happy right down to the deep part of our soul. The thing that you could do for hours without worrying about time, problems, money, or the world.

What is yours? What sets your soul on fire and just makes you SO happy?

Mine is horses…BUT seriously. Started when I was a wee child and has grown and grown and become a full-fledged passion and love.

I am getting back into it after almost 2 years away and it feels so good!

What is yours? I keep asking, but REALLY what is yours? Is it cooking? Running? Beauty Swimming? Dogs?

I want to hear all about it!





Today I am coming to you to chat about independence. When does this start? Childhood I believe. Yes, I work with adults in my coaching BUT, something that I am coming to learn is when a child is not encouraged to be independent from a young age a few things start to happen. 1) They are always looking for an authority figure aka mom/dad/teacher to tell them how and what to do. 2) They begin to think and say I cant do that/its too hard/I am not old enough/good enough. 3) They have hard time playing independantly or being a self starter. This flows over into adulthood.

I think of a kid who is fearful of the toilet and toilet trainging in general.  When I started this blog I NEVER thought I would be writing about toilet learning shall we call it. But the other day I came across a situation where a fully capabile 4 year old still insistes on not being remotly independant in this endevore and the parents are happy to oblige. This got me to thinking about life and how many things there are that I just dont want to do cause they are too messy, hard, scary, harsh etc, but somehow I do them and am just fine and I am so grateful for my indepence.

So savor your indepence and if you are around littles foster their independance. Let them make messes, learn how to wipe their bums, make choices about what they want to wear- no matter how miss-matched it may be 😛

If you want to get back your independace or gain some lets chat ! Go to http://www.coaching805.com to set up a free consultation.




Its ok to be selfish…

Well, maybe I worded that wrong, but when it comes to your self-care its ok to be selfish and put yourself first. This comes up a lot for all my clients, but especially my female clients. I think from a young age it is ingrained in us women to be selfless givers and caretakers and to put ourselves last.

Being a giver and a lover and a caring person IS important but not at the expense of your health and well-being.

If we are not filling our cups we can’t help pour into others. MANY times in my life I have taken on SO much more than I can humanly handle and what do you know I start to loose touch, I start eating away my emotions, making excuses for not exercising, stop seeing friends, and feel lost.

When I slow down and pare back my schedule and take care of myself I can be 100% present for the people in my life.

Here are some ideas

  • Change your sheets regularly so they smell nice and fresh
  • Put on makeup every day and do your hair before you leave the house
  • Buy a beautiful notebook or new book
  • Take a nap and recharge
  • Have a weekend or day in your pajamas
  • Buy yourself some flowers
  • Write a letter to a friend or family member
  • Take a long bath with candles and wine
  • Take a fun art or yoga class
  • Go to bed at a decent time so you feel rested the next day

Feel free to add to the list!




Happy March!

Hey loves! Happy March! What are your goals for this month! Shout them to the rooftops cause I want to hear them!

I have SO many, but they all are surrounding freedom! Funny thing is that my nickname is Dom and I like being free aka FreeDom!

I want to spend less time on my phone with I am with my family. This means being REALLY intentional during my work hours and fun time is fun time.

I want to meet 5 new people a day. Whether on social media or in person!

I want to say yes more and no more lol!

Ok peeps what are yours?