Today I am coming to you to chat about independence. When does this start? Childhood I believe. Yes, I work with adults in my coaching BUT, something that I am coming to learn is when a child is not encouraged to be independent from a young age a few things start to happen. 1) They are always looking for an authority figure aka mom/dad/teacher to tell them how and what to do. 2) They begin to think and say I cant do that/its too hard/I am not old enough/good enough. 3) They have hard time playing independantly or being a self starter. This flows over into adulthood.

I think of a kid who is fearful of the toilet and toilet trainging in general.  When I started this blog I NEVER thought I would be writing about toilet learning shall we call it. But the other day I came across a situation where a fully capabile 4 year old still insistes on not being remotly independant in this endevore and the parents are happy to oblige. This got me to thinking about life and how many things there are that I just dont want to do cause they are too messy, hard, scary, harsh etc, but somehow I do them and am just fine and I am so grateful for my indepence.

So savor your indepence and if you are around littles foster their independance. Let them make messes, learn how to wipe their bums, make choices about what they want to wear- no matter how miss-matched it may be 😛

If you want to get back your independace or gain some lets chat ! Go to to set up a free consultation.





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