More…a check in

MORE is my word for 2016! I wanted to check in with myself and see how it’s going after 3 months.

I have gotten MORE active and made MORE friends. I have joined a small group. created a networking group, and sought out ways to get MORE active throughout the week.

Sometimes MORE is less. By this I mean less time on my phone gives me more time to experience life. Less time watching TV means more time cleaning, cooking, and building relationships.

I have been eating in a MORE healthy way. It’s not perfect by any means BUT it’s better.


Some big lessons I have learned so far from MORE is that
1) your self-care is extremely important- there is ALWAYS room for more of this!
2) You don’t need to over-explain yourself on why you are saying NO…Just saying NO is ENOUGH! This is a case so less is more
3) Doing things out of guilt and obligation is not doing things out of Love
If you chose a word how is that working for you!?

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