Relaxing Weekend

You know when you just need some “you “ time. When everything is a bit too wild around you and you just need to sit and think and just BE! Well that was me this past weekend. I was supposed to babysit on Saturday for a LONG time and so when my friend cancelled on Thursday I was kind of relieved.

Friday after my morning job I had scheduled to use a gift certificate I had gotten at my friends spa, Rejuvinate. When I walked in she mentioned I could do a 90 minute massage or a 60 minute massage and a pedicure so of course I chose to do the later!


I am heading to Vegas in 10 days and pretty toes are a MUST. I chose this fun pink color

Andrew and his family left Friday midday for Simi Valley to retile his uncle’s bathroom (What a guy giving up 3 days to do this for them) so I had the weekend to myself to just rest and be.

I TRIED sleeping in, I REALLY did but 7:20 was about all I could do. My body is so used to 5 am. I met up with my girlfriends Paige and Bryanna to walk the Bob Jones Trail in Avila. We walked out ate Tacos and our friend Caitlin (who has the sweetest little 1 year old) picked us up and took us to our cars and we all drove to SLO and walked to a coffee shop. What fun girl time!


The beach was super foggie!


Yummy gluten free brownie!


Chicken tacos for lunch!

I was going to take myself to the movies on Saturday night but opted out and watch Catching Fire instead. I NEED to finish watching that movie series ASAP!

Sunday was low key-Church, Starbucks, groceries and a nap. Dinner was pizza from Klondike’s with Andrew and Adri.





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