3 Things you must give up to move forward!

  • cropped-048c991c3b9c8f5eab4a3b8e340c0426.jpg
  • Stop letting the opinions of others control your life- Its not what others think about you but what YOU think about you that counts! Do what is best for you! Others opinions about you dont pay your bills, or get you a job, or get you married etc
  • You must get rid of the shame of past failures. Your past does not equal your future and today is a new day!
  • Don’t procrastinate on the goals that matter to you! The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago! Who cares if you fail or it takes a few tries to get it right, if you sat and did nothing you would be worse of.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday! Shoot for the stars! Start saving for that exotic trip you want to take! Make that phone call you are dreading. Start writing that business plan you are scared off!



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