Vicious Cycle


You all know how it goes. That cycle of stinking thinking. That thing that happened to you years ago that made you think a negative thing about yourself or another person or even a group of people and now, YEARS later you still think the same thoughts about it.

For example. Your dad left your mom before you even knew about him. Mom said he was worthless and all the men in her life were jerks who eventually broke her heart and left. You carried that thought and experience with you of “All men are jerks!”

I know this is a girly example, but men I what if you grew up with a dad who never told you how proud he was of you. Or the things you did were never good enough, those things are damaging and can cause you to struggle in relationships, jobs etc. These stories we have told ourselves as a result of events can serve us or tear us down. We have to learn to break that cycle and insert new ideas and patterns in order to get new results.

It takes a lot of self-examination, painful emotions even, and creating new thought patterns.

If this post touched you and you want to begin a journey of healing your thought patterns and getting some freedom, I would love to go deeper with you. You can pop over to my website and set up a free consultation with me.




Organizing your week


If only our computers had an “organize” button! They don’t, yet…so here are a few practical tips!

Here are a few tips I am learning, not only for starting out my week in an organized manner, but keeping it organized.

  1. I set out my clothes the night before, (but only after checking the weather for the next day.) I know a few people who set out their clothes on Sunday evening for the week ahead but the weather here changes on a whim so 12/24 hours before I know more accurately.
  2. Plan your meals for the week. If meal prep is not your thing you can even just get meals written on a calendar for the week ahead. Fill in days you will be eating out or eating at a work thing etc.
  3. Have set times during the day to return emails and phone calls. Your time is precious and having 2 or three set times a day to get back to people will make a better use of your time.
  4. Choose one area of your home to clean daily. This shouldn’t take more than 10-20 minutes. When broken down it is easier than all in one day.
  5. Find a time daily to have “you time.” Read, meditate, move, sing, sip tea. This keeps us in balance and moving forward and feeling filled up.


What do you want happen?

What if it was as easy as “What do you want to happen?” and I am not going to say it isn’t lol

My boyfriends daughter wanted to ask a boy to Sadie Hawking dance coming up and was moping around the house saying “He is going to say no. What if he doesn’t want to go with me.” It was starting to not only get on my nerves but put those thoughts in my head too!

I stopped her and said well what do you want to happen? She said I want him to say yes! I told her she needs to focus on what she wanted to happen and what COULD happen. I had to remind her a few different times.

Yesterday she asked him with the help of a cute football themed posted and some pink cookies (food is the way to a man’s heart :-P) And what do you know he said yes! (We have a video to prove it even)

So what you want may not be as simple as asking a boy to a dance, but I challange you to figure out what you want to have happen and focus on that


2016 = More


When I was thinking about a word for 2016 it was not hard to decide on more. Last year was about courage and it was so healing and motivating.

More does not have a selfish or greedy connotation, but instead one of giving.

I want to give more love to my friends and family. I want to have more time for life and adventures. I want to give more of my time and money and I want to have more to give. I want to live with more joy, peace, and hope!



A time for resting!

Last week I was reading a kids book (to a kid of course) and the book was about a bear going into hibernation. It spoke to me. Not that I want to hibernate for months on end, but there is a season for resting and man oh man am I ready.

I am not a good ‘rester’ though, I feel like I always have to be doing or going. So I am working on telling myself that it is ok and normal even to want to rest.

The next three weeks I get to be on vacation from my morning babysitting job and I am THRILLED. I need to rest and recharge. I want to spend the next three weeks focusing on my other two businesses, my friends, my family, and me. (not in the order) I still plan to wake up at 5 every morning for my Miracle Morning, but maybe I’ll get naps in or something later on in the day.


I have some HUGE goals that I do not want to leave 2015 without completing and learning to rest well is one of them!

How do you rest?




For the second time today I have read/heard “The world needs more of YOU” from two unrelated people…I call that a moment people.

In reflection I got to thinking “What do I have to offer the world?” um A LOT! I am a life changer, a hope giver, a lover, and a friend. A few years I ago I would have been stuck on the whole “what do I have to offer?” part instead of turning it around and making it about the world and the impact that I happen to have on it.

YOU are needed. Your gifts, talents, crazy hair, thick thighs, too long legs, unorganized, weird, smart, fun, awesome, imperfect self. Who cares what your physical flaws are or are not. If you have character flaws work on them for yourself and the world around you. Take what you do have, wrap it up and give it to the people around you. Start making a change today. Don’t wait until the new year, or after Christmas or tomorrow, NOW!

This is defintly a call to action. This is a challenge from my heart to yours.

If this spoke to you in anyway and you want to go deeper, I am here for you.

-Dominique Rondeau


My “job” is to help other people feel successful and I LOVE it! Do you know how satisfying it is to hear someone tell you that after goal setting and keeping they just had their BEST month ever in their business?

Do you know the feeling you get after your client tells you they have successfully de-cluttered their home and now have a cleaning schedule they keep? It is AWESOME let me tell you!

I am one proud momma bear tonight. Every single one of my clients this week has been successful and are walking prouder and more confidently.


All this being said things had to change for the success to happen. Mind sets, goals, motivation, and hard work made them possible. Some things were sacrificed- TV time, that extra piece of cake, a night out parting, but the outcome is well worth it.

How can I help you be successful! I have a free December Goals group happening right now on Facebook! Join us and see what changes can be made 🙂



A Holiday of Love

12278873_10208062423384538_1788564730598146694_nI have been thinking this holiday season, and I want to spread love wherever I go. A few weeks back I had an idea. Why not spend the month of December loving on people I don’t know. I love on my friends and family all the time but not strangers.

Today during my walk I wrote a note of generic encouragement and put it on a random cars windshield. How fun! I am excited to see what I can do tomorrow!

If anyone wants to join me in this love challenge PLEASE do!

You are indeed a badass!

If you follow me on Facebook ( You know that my recent personal growth read is You are a Badass by Jen Sincero! It is AWESOME!


I wanted to share a few take away’s with you all! The first one being something she says throughout the book- Love yourself! Seriously a lot comes when we do this. We begin to see ourselves how we should. We begin to respect ourselves and demand a certain level of respect from others.

Second is the power of the mind. What we think about we bring about! I have been experimenting with my boyfriend over the past few days (dont tell him!) He is always saying “I always get red lights!” So every time I went anywhere with him I started saying “I love green lights and green lights love me!” What do you know he started saying it and green lights started appearing or at least happening sooner. He took it upon himself to start saying “I love parking spaces and parking spaces love me!” It so totally worked for us at Trader Joe’s today!

So my point in all of this…what limiting belief are you letting hold you back. It can be as silly as thinking and attracting that one cart in the grocery store with the wonky wheels or as big as something like “I am not successful at anything I do” Those thoughts will get you the bad cart every time and they wont get you anywhere in life.


The third and final out take is that growth is not for the faint of heart, but oh man is it worth it. The pain of what if’s are so much bigger than the jumps into growth and personal development. So what if you get a few scratches on the way down you learned what to do differently next time!

Run to your computer to order this book or better yet to the nearest book store! It is a MUST read!


Regret is a B****

We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment. –Jim Rohn

There are not a lot of things I regret in life but there are a few. That guy I dated in college who grossed me out and I just wanted to be liked by someone….it ended badly days before Valentines day and a nasty text telling me to mail him his mom’s vase…

Another was staying in a dead end job that was killing my soul and not living life for three years as a result. Can you say hello to free nights and weekends and having holidays off!!

There are very few other things a really regret as I try and see the silver lining and the lesson in each of my choices.

This week I am faced again with a big decision to JUMP and work for myself FULL time. Yes it is scary but I don’t want to live in regret any longer than I have to.

Becoming a life coach has been a HUGE but oh so rewarding leap of faith.

I am learning that regret is not worth the lessons, growth, and FUN that taking leaps of faith can give you!!

GO for it! Take that job you wanted or quit that job you hate! Dump that guy or ask that girl out for coffee. Write down that business plan or write that book! Don’t let regret be a bitch in your life.