Weekend recap!

Had a fun and relaxing weekend! I started off my Saturday getting in a 10,000 step walk with my friend Julie and then headed home to get things in order before celebrating my birthday at a yummy Italian restaurant with Andrew’s family.

We went to Rosa’s in Pismo! I had their yummy ravioli de Zucca (ravioli with butternut squash inside and a cream sauce) and homemade bread!) As some of you know I eat mostly gluten free and dairy free but splurge on special occasions.


For dessert, they brought me a candle in ice cream but I gave that to Andrew’s brother and ordered a limoncello flute. It’s gelato and lemon custard….So YUMMY!


Sunday I got another walk in with Julie and Rocky. She had chatted with a pet psychic on Saturday afternoon and was sharing what the psychic said. If nothing else it was hilarious. Not so sure I believe in any of that but to each his out I strongly believe 🙂

Sunday afternoon I finished packing for my trip to Vegas this week to attend a conference for my network marketing company and I planted some seeds and transplanted some spruce trees!


I ended the afternoon cleaning desk space, got samples read to ship out and everything ready to be gone.


Check out my fun new succulent plant from my secret pal and my new blue candle hold from Andrew’s aunt!

We ended yesterday with some Chines food and our favorite TV show, Madame Secretary.




Vicious Cycle


You all know how it goes. That cycle of stinking thinking. That thing that happened to you years ago that made you think a negative thing about yourself or another person or even a group of people and now, YEARS later you still think the same thoughts about it.

For example. Your dad left your mom before you even knew about him. Mom said he was worthless and all the men in her life were jerks who eventually broke her heart and left. You carried that thought and experience with you of “All men are jerks!”

I know this is a girly example, but men I what if you grew up with a dad who never told you how proud he was of you. Or the things you did were never good enough, those things are damaging and can cause you to struggle in relationships, jobs etc. These stories we have told ourselves as a result of events can serve us or tear us down. We have to learn to break that cycle and insert new ideas and patterns in order to get new results.

It takes a lot of self-examination, painful emotions even, and creating new thought patterns.

If this post touched you and you want to begin a journey of healing your thought patterns and getting some freedom, I would love to go deeper with you. You can pop over to my website http://www.coaching805.com and set up a free consultation with me.



Bless and release!

images (2)

It’s only natural that we are not going to agree with everyone and visa versa. Some people are more hurtful in how they disagree, though.

I also find some jobs make us more vulnerable to public criticism. Having your own business, wanting to have your own business, politics, blogging, writing, parenting. The list goes on and on.

People’s criticism and sometimes cruel words can knock us down and keep us from doing what we love, or we can choose the higher road and bless and release these people from our lives.

It is a simple, but powerful action. It’s an act of self-love more than one of forgiveness. It is a quiet yet powerful way of say “I am successful, loved, and worthy and another’s opinion does not affect me in negative ways because I don’t let it.”

When someone posts a negative comment on your social media, or says something to your face, or tells a mutual friend something that is hurtful, take a deep breath. Imagine yourself putting that thought or words into a bag. Tie it up real tight and throw it away saying “I bless and release you and your words.”

It’s so freeing and healthy! Can’t wait to hear how this helps you all!


What do you want happen?

What if it was as easy as “What do you want to happen?” and I am not going to say it isn’t lol

My boyfriends daughter wanted to ask a boy to Sadie Hawking dance coming up and was moping around the house saying “He is going to say no. What if he doesn’t want to go with me.” It was starting to not only get on my nerves but put those thoughts in my head too!

I stopped her and said well what do you want to happen? She said I want him to say yes! I told her she needs to focus on what she wanted to happen and what COULD happen. I had to remind her a few different times.

Yesterday she asked him with the help of a cute football themed posted and some pink cookies (food is the way to a man’s heart :-P) And what do you know he said yes! (We have a video to prove it even)

So what you want may not be as simple as asking a boy to a dance, but I challange you to figure out what you want to have happen and focus on that



My “job” is to help other people feel successful and I LOVE it! Do you know how satisfying it is to hear someone tell you that after goal setting and keeping they just had their BEST month ever in their business?

Do you know the feeling you get after your client tells you they have successfully de-cluttered their home and now have a cleaning schedule they keep? It is AWESOME let me tell you!

I am one proud momma bear tonight. Every single one of my clients this week has been successful and are walking prouder and more confidently.


All this being said things had to change for the success to happen. Mind sets, goals, motivation, and hard work made them possible. Some things were sacrificed- TV time, that extra piece of cake, a night out parting, but the outcome is well worth it.

How can I help you be successful! I have a free December Goals group happening right now on Facebook! Join us and see what changes can be made 🙂



3 (more) things to give up in order to move forward

  1. Running from problems that should be fixed. There is that saying “Everywhere I go there I am.” You will find you and your problems no matter where you run unless you face what ever is going on. Communicate, appreciate, forgive and love!
  2. Making excuses instead of decisions. Most of the time a failure is simply a long time pattern of excuses rather than decisions. Make a pros and cons list if you have to and then decide and move on.
  3. Choosing to  do nothing. Every day we get a chance to choose to live! We dont know when we will have to wish this world, and all that is in it goodbye so make the best of what you have a do SOMETHING!cropped-greatness1.jpg

Being Efficient with Your Time

I have a lot of clients come to me with an empty calendar simply because they don’t know where to put everything. Whether you are using a daily planner or your phone or computer as your calendar it doesn’t matter just use something!

As my favorite saying goes “How do you eat an elephant?” One bite at a time….so lets break it down….

Write down everything that needs to be scheduled first.

What do you want to schedule first?

Is it health, family time, business time, social time?


Then start going down your list and transferring it to your schedule. The most important things first. Have a time each day or certain days a week for certain things

It doesn’t stop there though, you need to stick with putting things on your calendar as they come your way. Don’t put it off until later or tell yourself you will remember!

Hope this has been helpful. If you need more step by step or help actually doing it I am your gal! Ill hold you accountable and get you all set up and organized 🙂

Is Your Soul Warn Out?

When our bodies are worn out we know. We are tired, energy levels are low, we are cranky. Generally sleep, rest, and relation are helpful but do you know what it is like when your soul is worn out and tired?

images (2)

“The soul was not made to run on empty. But the soul doesn’t come with a gauge. The indicators of soul-fatigue are more subtle: • Things seem to bother you more than they should. Your spouse’s gum-chewing suddenly reveals to you a massive character flaw. • It’s hard to make up your mind about even a simple decision. • Impulses to eat or drink or spend or crave are harder to resist than they otherwise would be. • You are more likely to favor short-term gains in ways that leave you with high long-term costs. Israel ended up worshiping a golden calf simply because they grew tired of having to wait on Moses and God. • Your judgment is suffering. • You have less courage. “Fatigue makes cowards of us all” is a quote so ubiquitious that it has been attributed to General Patton and Vince Lombardi and Shakespeare…” Soul Keeping

The one that JUMPED out at me was You are more likely to favor short-term gains in ways that leave you with high long-term costs. Is it just me or have you ever felt this way. You just want to get a task done and over with or you start being ok with the pleasure and reward you get from small or simple things.

I want to challenge all of my readers to assess if they are tired and worn out and worn down to figure out why? Where is it coming from. Is it your body or your innermost soul. How can you fix it and start the rejuvenation process?

I didnt mean for this to be too deep but as a life coach health of body, mind, and soul are very important to me and most problems people face stem from the innermost part, the soul.


If you want to start working through some stuff and get on the right track I would love to help you. Lets set up a free consultation and working on finding some peace, joy, and vision.

Talking Yourself Off the Ledge

I dont mean in a morbid kind of way, but have you ever felt like a lot is going on and you are spinning into a bad mood or negative land? Like one more toe and your day is ruined? You can stop that train in its tracks, I promise!

That was me today. I accidentally sent a large sum of money via Paypal for a service that didnt need to be paid for yet. I was in a coffee shop with a friend and had a moment of “oh crap!” Thank goodness I had to be quiet and still because I learned that I CAN do that no matter where I am. Than I was like wait a minute. BREATH and find your center were my immediate thoughts and actions. I breathed and made a few phone calls and ta-da it was fixed and ok. I was STILL feeling a little flustered but dove into some work and got my mind off of it.

So next time you find yourself in a tough situation or having just made a big or small mistake breath and think through the next indicated steps and then walk forward slowly.


How You Do One Thing Is How You Do Everything

A theme with my clients has been finding a how and where to put ones energy and how to commit to finding a way to have self-discipline in tasks and accomplishing goals. Alot of times we know exactly what to do but the road between us and accomplishing the goal seems so long and hard.

It starts with the small tasks. If you want to organize your home or fully schedule your calendar you have to start small. Choose a room or a corner of a room to start in and find a system ie 1)Throw away un-needed items 2) Sort what is needed and can be given away 3) Organize space 4) Maintain clutter free area. Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing http://www.amazon.com/The-Life-Changing-Magic-Tidying-Decluttering/dp/1607747308 is one i HIGHLY recommend.

Organizing a schedule is similar- 1) get a good planner or calendar. If you are a entrepreneur I highly recommend the Freedom Planner http://www.yourfreedomplanner.com/ 2) Then figure out what needs to be scheduled and when. Make some non-negotiables. For me my hour of personal growth in the morning, social time, business time, and family time are MUSTS. Everything else must work around those times. If you own a business treat it like a business and NOT a hobby and it will pay you like a business.

Hope this was helpful!