Just DO it!

If you have known me for two seconds and you have told me about a dream you have or a goal you know I have said GO FOR IT!!!

I am proof that awesome things can happen when you just go for it. June 2011 I packed up my little white Ford station wagon and moved across country. Yes I had a job and a place to live but man how things have changed.

I now have my MA degree!!! I am in love with the man of my dreams. I have a home! I have a NEW car! I own my own businesses…yes two of them. I am soon to be fully self employed…when I first moved here I was working 70-90 hours a week. I am SO not bragging but people if you want something DO IT!!! It will take hard work, guts, grit and not letting the nay sayers get to you but you can do it.


So that trip you want to take…that place you want to move to…that job you want…that partner you want…that business you want to start….DO IT!!!



Dont Rest on Your Laurels


Yes accomplishing goals and having success is a GOOD thing, but don’t celebrate for too long. Celebrate and then on to the next goal. Complacency causes us to loose the ground we cover and forget what we have worked so hard to accomplish. You family, friends, clients, business are counting on you to do more and be more so GO! Pour yourself a glass of mine or order a piece of cheese cake and then back to the next goal and improving your live and the lives of others around you!