Vicious Cycle


You all know how it goes. That cycle of stinking thinking. That thing that happened to you years ago that made you think a negative thing about yourself or another person or even a group of people and now, YEARS later you still think the same thoughts about it.

For example. Your dad left your mom before you even knew about him. Mom said he was worthless and all the men in her life were jerks who eventually broke her heart and left. You carried that thought and experience with you of “All men are jerks!”

I know this is a girly example, but men I what if you grew up with a dad who never told you how proud he was of you. Or the things you did were never good enough, those things are damaging and can cause you to struggle in relationships, jobs etc. These stories we have told ourselves as a result of events can serve us or tear us down. We have to learn to break that cycle and insert new ideas and patterns in order to get new results.

It takes a lot of self-examination, painful emotions even, and creating new thought patterns.

If this post touched you and you want to begin a journey of healing your thought patterns and getting some freedom, I would love to go deeper with you. You can pop over to my website and set up a free consultation with me.




Bless and release!

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It’s only natural that we are not going to agree with everyone and visa versa. Some people are more hurtful in how they disagree, though.

I also find some jobs make us more vulnerable to public criticism. Having your own business, wanting to have your own business, politics, blogging, writing, parenting. The list goes on and on.

People’s criticism and sometimes cruel words can knock us down and keep us from doing what we love, or we can choose the higher road and bless and release these people from our lives.

It is a simple, but powerful action. It’s an act of self-love more than one of forgiveness. It is a quiet yet powerful way of say “I am successful, loved, and worthy and another’s opinion does not affect me in negative ways because I don’t let it.”

When someone posts a negative comment on your social media, or says something to your face, or tells a mutual friend something that is hurtful, take a deep breath. Imagine yourself putting that thought or words into a bag. Tie it up real tight and throw it away saying “I bless and release you and your words.”

It’s so freeing and healthy! Can’t wait to hear how this helps you all!


A time for resting!

Last week I was reading a kids book (to a kid of course) and the book was about a bear going into hibernation. It spoke to me. Not that I want to hibernate for months on end, but there is a season for resting and man oh man am I ready.

I am not a good ‘rester’ though, I feel like I always have to be doing or going. So I am working on telling myself that it is ok and normal even to want to rest.

The next three weeks I get to be on vacation from my morning babysitting job and I am THRILLED. I need to rest and recharge. I want to spend the next three weeks focusing on my other two businesses, my friends, my family, and me. (not in the order) I still plan to wake up at 5 every morning for my Miracle Morning, but maybe I’ll get naps in or something later on in the day.


I have some HUGE goals that I do not want to leave 2015 without completing and learning to rest well is one of them!

How do you rest?




For the second time today I have read/heard “The world needs more of YOU” from two unrelated people…I call that a moment people.

In reflection I got to thinking “What do I have to offer the world?” um A LOT! I am a life changer, a hope giver, a lover, and a friend. A few years I ago I would have been stuck on the whole “what do I have to offer?” part instead of turning it around and making it about the world and the impact that I happen to have on it.

YOU are needed. Your gifts, talents, crazy hair, thick thighs, too long legs, unorganized, weird, smart, fun, awesome, imperfect self. Who cares what your physical flaws are or are not. If you have character flaws work on them for yourself and the world around you. Take what you do have, wrap it up and give it to the people around you. Start making a change today. Don’t wait until the new year, or after Christmas or tomorrow, NOW!

This is defintly a call to action. This is a challenge from my heart to yours.

If this spoke to you in anyway and you want to go deeper, I am here for you.

-Dominique Rondeau

Do it Anyway

We all have things we don’t like to do but we do them any way. Taking this a step further are those that are successful and driven. They are models of good habits, drive, consistency, and diligence.

I admire the person who runs every day winter, summer, rain or even pregnant. I admire the person who sets goals and meets them no matter what it takes. I admire the person who despite being knocked down by “no’s” has gotten up and become successful any way.

A friend posted this video on Facebook is this morning and as I watch it all I could think was YES!!

3 (more) things to give up in order to move forward

  1. Running from problems that should be fixed. There is that saying “Everywhere I go there I am.” You will find you and your problems no matter where you run unless you face what ever is going on. Communicate, appreciate, forgive and love!
  2. Making excuses instead of decisions. Most of the time a failure is simply a long time pattern of excuses rather than decisions. Make a pros and cons list if you have to and then decide and move on.
  3. Choosing to  do nothing. Every day we get a chance to choose to live! We dont know when we will have to wish this world, and all that is in it goodbye so make the best of what you have a do SOMETHING!cropped-greatness1.jpg

How You Do One Thing Is How You Do Everything

A theme with my clients has been finding a how and where to put ones energy and how to commit to finding a way to have self-discipline in tasks and accomplishing goals. Alot of times we know exactly what to do but the road between us and accomplishing the goal seems so long and hard.

It starts with the small tasks. If you want to organize your home or fully schedule your calendar you have to start small. Choose a room or a corner of a room to start in and find a system ie 1)Throw away un-needed items 2) Sort what is needed and can be given away 3) Organize space 4) Maintain clutter free area. Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing is one i HIGHLY recommend.

Organizing a schedule is similar- 1) get a good planner or calendar. If you are a entrepreneur I highly recommend the Freedom Planner 2) Then figure out what needs to be scheduled and when. Make some non-negotiables. For me my hour of personal growth in the morning, social time, business time, and family time are MUSTS. Everything else must work around those times. If you own a business treat it like a business and NOT a hobby and it will pay you like a business.

Hope this was helpful!


Just DO it!

If you have known me for two seconds and you have told me about a dream you have or a goal you know I have said GO FOR IT!!!

I am proof that awesome things can happen when you just go for it. June 2011 I packed up my little white Ford station wagon and moved across country. Yes I had a job and a place to live but man how things have changed.

I now have my MA degree!!! I am in love with the man of my dreams. I have a home! I have a NEW car! I own my own businesses…yes two of them. I am soon to be fully self employed…when I first moved here I was working 70-90 hours a week. I am SO not bragging but people if you want something DO IT!!! It will take hard work, guts, grit and not letting the nay sayers get to you but you can do it.


So that trip you want to take…that place you want to move to…that job you want…that partner you want…that business you want to start….DO IT!!!


Dont Rest on Your Laurels


Yes accomplishing goals and having success is a GOOD thing, but don’t celebrate for too long. Celebrate and then on to the next goal. Complacency causes us to loose the ground we cover and forget what we have worked so hard to accomplish. You family, friends, clients, business are counting on you to do more and be more so GO! Pour yourself a glass of mine or order a piece of cheese cake and then back to the next goal and improving your live and the lives of others around you!