Finding Balance in Your Life~

Hello! Good morning loves!

Today on the blog 3 easy steps to finding balance in life!

  1. Take a look at your day and take note of what is draining your energy! Is it burning both ends of the candle staying up late and waking up early to cook, clean, workout, prep for child/significant others lunches/laundry etc?
  2. What are you tolerating in your life? Do you often find yourself as someone else’s carpet? Are you the “yes” man or woman. Are your needs overlooked and forgotten about?
  3. Reconstruct your week with your ideal vision of what you are working on and who you are meeting with! Having a plan and a schedule is ESSENTIAL to a happy and joyful life. Its ok to say no and prioritize!

Hope these tips help get your through another beautiful week! If you want someone to help guide you through a life change or making some small changes I would love to help!

  1. -Dominique 10350442_498496410252617_4682440673056117450_n

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